Walking in the rain (3D Sharon Leung)


The wing was howling and the heavy rain was descending like a silvery veil as I strolled in the rain. The rain tapped on my umbrella intensely as if a million arrows were aiming at me from the gloomy and dull sky. The titled raindrops poured as if it was lines and lines of filament, followed by a gust of cold wind slowly invading me. Even though I was using a ‘shield’ to protect myself form the rain, the downpour was so furious and aggressive that it was still able to hit me intensely. Thanks to the ‘thorns’ from the sky and the cold breeze I was soaked in, my moist skin was in pain. I seemed like an injured soldier, wounded by the threatening and dense shower in a battle against rain.

Beside me was a road with cars and trucks passing by, creating splashing sounds when the tires of the vehicles cross the shallow puddles of rainwater on the road. With the shimmering and vague scenery veiled by a vast piece of silver textile, I could barely see a few pedestrians. It was easy for me to spot the ones holding vibrant umbrellas, which brought liveliness and colours to the white and misty atmosphere. The loud footsteps of people without an umbrella passing by swiftly could also be heard. A few pedestrians were using their arms to cover their heads while dashing through the street. It was without doubt that the remorseless raindrops did not pity those pedestrians and continued to pour like a waterfall, making the pedestrians without an umbrella completely soaked while running for their lives.