A day with Jay (3C Ho Cheuk Wing, Angela)


Hello, welcome back to my blog! I’ve just had the best day ever! Remember me saying that I came first and won the game show, Name That Song? Guess what the prize was! The chance to spend a day with my celebrity crush, the one whom I was rambling about in my previous blog entries, Jay from Enhypen!

The day started with me rushing around my apartment at 6 am, ensuring everything was in place.  I was so excited to meet him personally AND to spend an entire day with him that I didn’t even have a wink of sleep yesterday! After a long wait, the doorbell finally rang, and I ran as fast as lightning to the door.  I was greeted by him and his signature gummy smile the moment I swung open the door.  I invited him into my apartment calmly and politely, even though I was dying inside because of his stunning appearance. It was awkward initially, but he was so friendly that I warmed up to him quickly.  We sat down and chatted for a while like how friends would.  We decided to go to the arcade, shop for clothes and stay at my apartment for the rest of the day to chill and relax as he seemed quite tired from his heavy workload and I wanted him to have a day’s rest to do the things he likes.

We first went to have breakfast at a cute café which (I personally think) serves the best corn-themed snacks.  He is a huge corn lover, and his eyes were literally sparkling while he was scanning the menu.  He is known to be the coolest among the members of Enhypen, but this side of him told me otherwise. It was fascinating to see his childlike side, unlike his usual mature and cool side. We ordered tons of food, and his smile never left his face for even a second, which made me unconsciously smile.  His smile always succeeds in making me feel contended and peaceful. It’s like it holds a special power to make me feel better. We talked and joked while munching on the snacks, and let me tell you, it was the best feeling I’ve ever felt. Talking and joking with your celebrity crush as if you were two long-lost friends. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe using words.  It was magical!  Even though he is an idol and I’m just his fan, he talked to me with such sincerity and friendliness that I found it surreal.  How can someone be so down-to-earth when he is the star shining up in the sky?

We then went to the arcade and had lots of fun. We literally played every game and were joking around and laughing so crazily that the manager kicked us out of the shop.  He looked so happy, and I was glad to see him enjoying our hangout. We then shopped for clothes (mostly me) in the nearby mall. We searched for clothes that we thought suited each other. He is also known to have the best fashion sense, and I have always wanted to learn from him. He taught me his ways of building a fashionable wardrobe and gave me suggestions for fashion pieces that suit me best.  He once said that one of his hobbies is clothes shopping, and it is indeed true.  It was really fun trying on clothes that I had never thought of wearing.  Jay definitely helped boost my confidence.

After an exhausting but rewarding clothing haul, we went back to my apartment with bags of take-out food.  I took out my video game console, and one of the games caught Jay’s attention. It was new info that Jay likes the same video game as me, “The Legend of Zelda”. We played the game for hours until we were hungry again. We prepared dinner in our kitchen while chatting. He is a great cook, and he wasn’t joking when he said that his dream was being a chef. After cooking, we ate dinner while discussing deeper topics as I wanted to know more about him.  He shared with me how exhausting it is to have to deal with delusional fans stalking him and how tiring it is to have to sometimes mask his emotions and personality to show his “good” side to the camera. Although he seems very carefree in front of the camera, deep inside, he actually overthinks a lot and is quite insecure. He is the kind of member who always puts his members before himself, listening to others and giving constructive comments when their team faces difficulties. But because of this, his feeling is not always well cared for. It was disheartening to see him in such a state. I wanted to help him feel better, so I just listened to him rambling on about the difficulties he was facing. We spent hours talking about our lives, and I learned a lot more about him.

At last, we exchanged contact, hugged, and he left.  I, of course, was sad that our short date was over. But he helped me learn more about him, and I am now 100% sure that I have chosen the right person to be my idol, and he will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is all I have to say! Peace out!