Modern technology and teenagers (4B Helia Chan)


You are participating in a public exhibition about teenagers and modern technology.  As part of the exhibition display, you have submitted two photos.  Now you have to give a title to each photo and explain what it shows and why you choose it.  Write about 150 words for each photo.

The furthest distance

In the above picture, there is a boy and a girl sitting on the same sofa.  Does it mean that they are close to each other?  The girl has her headphones on and her mind is on her iPad while the eyes of the boy are glued to his smartphone.  They are sitting back to back in the same room, but there is no communication at all.  They just enjoy themselves in their own virtual world.

This is exactly what today’s world is like, and this is why I chose this picture.  In this modern world, people are close in proximity to one another (and sometimes even too close when people are travelling on a cramped MTR train), but they can be disconnected.  Like the two teens in the picture, we can be in the same room, but we are just connected to our own electronic devices.  Isn’t sad?  Teenagers are experiencing this more than adults as they are digital natives, born and growing up in the technological world.

I hope that teens can sometimes disconnect from electronic devices and stay connected with people.

Sleep or Phone

In the above picture, a boy is lying in his cosy bed.  Is he going to sleep?  Well,

of course not!  He is still holding his phone tightly.  At first, I wondered who would sleep with their phone in their hand. Oh, maybe I have made a mistake.  People do go to sleep with their phones beside them.  Some teenagers would like to follow others’ actions in order to connect to others.  They always stay up late, chatting or playing online video games with their friends.  Some will mindlessly surf the internet to follow the latest trends.

‘I don’t want to be left behind!’  This is what most teenagers think.  Therefore, as most teenagers go online late at night, they feel under pressure to stay online instead of going to bed.  However, this is very unhealthy for teens to sacrifice their sleep for online activities.  Not only will they lack the energy to learn, but they will also suffer from different health issues.

If you are reading this sharing and facing the same problem, please sleep earlier and stay energised.