A Neighbour (4D Lin Chi Kin)


In the southern United States, there was an old town. The town was remote, even in the google map, no one could find its real location.

   One day, a man was driving a Porsche 911 in the old town. He kept looking at the two sides of the street. He seemed to be finding something. Obviously, he was not the citizen in the town, from his outfit and his wealth. He was attracted by a banner on the way and he stopped. 

   “Flats for rent, please call 712-666-1234.” 

The man made the call.

   After a while, an old woman went toward the man very slowly. She was well-dressed. She had long grey hair and her make-up could hardly cover her wrinkles. The man shook his hand with hers, “Hello! You must be the landlady.”

She nodded, “Hello! How do I address you?”

   “Well, my name is Peter.”

  “From your accent, I guess you’re a new comer. Why did you come here? For jobs?”

   Then, the landlady took Peter to an old building. Peter followed her to room 201.

   “Here we are,” said the landlady.

“Such a wonderful place. I like it.”

    She said nothing at all, smiling. Walking around, Peter noticed a hole on the wall but it didn’t bring him too much attention. 

“Come with me if you want more choices.”

   When they passed by room 202, Peter saw a weird thing: many spider webs were on the door. The room looked like it had been abandoned for a long, long time.

    When Peter attempted to open the door, she stopped him immediately, “Please don’t open it. It is not for renting.”

   After Peter visited all the flats, he chose the first one, room 201.

   For the first week, no special thing happened to him. One Sunday, though, the hole on the wall drew Peter’s attention again. He wanted to know why room 202 was not for rent and he saw curiously through the hole. He saw nothing but all RED.”

   “Maybe the hole was blocked by a piece of red poster?” He thought.

   He neglected it.

   That night, some sounds woke Peter up. He could hear voices coming from room 202.

  “Click! Click! Click!”

   It was … the footsteps. 

   He could know someone was hovering. Peter wanted to ask a few questions. Who would walk like this at that time? Who would be that person? He looked through the hole again, with all the questions in mind. This time, he didn’t see all RED but still nothing because of the darkness.

The next morning, Peter contacted the landlady, “Did I have a new neighbour last night?”

  “No, why?”

Peter told her the weird things he had experienced. She was shocked, “OH… OH…She hasn’t left. She is still there!” 

   The landlady said nervously and scaredly. Peter didn’t know what it meant but he asked for more details.

“About 30 years ago, a couple rented room 202, but a few days later, no one saw the wife anymore. I felt strange and visited it. When I opened the door, I saw a…a…a…”

   “You saw what?” asking Peter eagerly.

  “I saw a specimen, a human specimen. Oh…Oh my god…That’s horrible! Actually, the woman was killed by her husband with a chainsaw. All of her organs were taken out. After that, I closed the door and never opened it again,” The landlady replied with fear and tears.

   “Well, a nice story. Did you watch too many films?”

   “Yes, it is ridiculous but please don’t go to room 202 and I will find a new flat for you.”

Unfortunately, Peter didn’t believe in what she had said and out of curiosity, he desired to know what actually disturbed his sleep. 

   When he opened the door, ‘Oh! So dusty!” Peter coughed. He walked inside but he saw no people. Oh! He found the hole and got near. He could see room 201 very clearly. No red poster at all! Suddenly, “OH NO!” Peter was pierced by the long fingernails of a long-haired woman with two BIG RED EYES!!!

   At that time, he knew what he had seen that night.

   After a scream, there was one more hole on the wall…