A letter to a school teacher about newly-emerged sports (5C Loo Hoi Kei)



You are joining an inter-school microfilm competition and you wish to feature a newly
emerged sport in the microfilm. You are writing an email to Miss Tsang, the teacher in
charge of Campus TV, to seek her advice. In this email, suggest which sport you would like
to include, explain what would be included in the micro movie and state what she might do to
help you throughout the process of production.

Dear Ms. Tsang,

I am writing to seek your advice on the inter-school micro-film competition “ Sports Rookie’ which aims at promoting newly emerged sports. The newly emerged sport I am featuring is dodgebee.

Dodgebee is a combination of dodgeball and frisbee. The basic rule of dodgebee is similar to dodgeball, the main difference is that dodgebee uses a soft flying disc instead of a ball. The reason why I choose dodgebee as the sport for my microfilm is because it does not have much physical contact and uses a soft flying disc, which is easy and safe for all people to learn, including children and elderly. It could benefit a variety of people if it is well-promoted. Therefore I would like to promote this sport through my microfilm.

In the microfilm, I would first include a brief introduction of the sport, dodgebee, by introducing the basic rules of dodgebee. The introduction is then followed by a real-life demonstration of how dodgebee is played. I have invited and taught a few classmates to play dodgebee with me. By explaining and demonstrating how dodgebee is played, it provides viewers to get a clear understanding of this new sport.  Besides illustrating how it is played, the film also includes a short interview, where students who took part in the sport can express their feelings and expectations towards dodgebee. The athletes’ passion and attachment expressed during the interview can attract viewers to be interested in dodgebee and encourage them to try it out, which fulfills the aim of the microfilm.

The production of the microfilm requires several filming equipment. It would be of great help if the filming equipment from the CampusTV can be borrowed for the filming process. The equipment needed include a camera, a tripod and two microphones. It would be nice if a member of the CampusTV could instruct us about the usage of the above equipment before use to ensure proper usage of the filming equipment. The demonstration of dodgebee and the interview will take place in the old wing playground, hence all equipment will only be used in schools and will be returned on the same day. Therefore, it is sincerely hoped that you take the proposal into consideration.

The CampusTV can also be a great help in the promotion process of the microfilm. It would be nice if CampusTV could provide a time period during the morning assembly for me to present the microfilm and to encourage students to support my microfilm by voting in the inter-school microfilm competition. The voting of the microfilm competition takes place during the first two weeks of March. Therefore, I sincerely hoped that CampusTV could offer me the opportunity of promoting my microfilm during that period of time.

It would be of great help if you could offer me advice on the inter-school microfilm competition. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Ella Loo