Movie Review – Secondhand Lions


 “Secondhand Lions” is a funny and touching family film set in a remote place in America in the mid-20th centuries. A child, Walter, starts his new life living with his two uncles who were a bachelor throughout the summer unwillingly. This movie was written and directed by Tim McCanlies. He was obsessed with writing screenplays. He also directed famous and classical family comedy, such as Little Giant. Doubtless, his passion and talent for writing screenplays made this film become the most famous film written and directed in his life.

  A boy called Walter is left by his irresponsible mother, Mae, to live with his two reclusive uncles, Hub and Garth. There is a rumor that they have a large sum of secret money. Walter is not welcomed at first, but he gets along well with the two uncles gradually. As Walter persuades them to spend some of their money, they spent some money on gardening and buying an old lion. Walter is told the adventurous experiences of uncle Hub and Garth in the two World Wars. He also gets to know the romantic stories between Hub and an Arab princess, Jasmine. However, Jasmine dies because of childbirth, which makes Hub feel devastated. Therefore, Walter names the old lion Jasmine. Hub then delivers a speech to Walter, telling him to learn to trust people. Close to the end, Walter’s mother appears with her new boyfriend, Stan, and forced Walter to tell them where the money was hidden. I think that the ending is unexpected. Find it out if you are interested!

  I think that the characterization of each character is wonderful and realistic. Although Walter does not believe in people easily, he still has good personality. He shows sympathy to Hub when he hears Hub’s romantic stories. The realistic acting and the precise facial expression further shapes Walter’s characteristics, which is one of the reasons why I like this movie. The interaction between the two uncles and Walter is heart-warming. Although the uncles treat Walter in a lukewarm way at first, their relationship improves bit by bit. The scene in which Hub hugs Walter wholeheartedly reveals his love towards Walter. The excellent acting and characterization of the main characters makes this film a successful film.

  I think that the themes are meaningful and not to be missed. You can really learn a lot from them. The most affecting theme is that true family relationship is not bound to blood relationship. There is a close bonding between Walter and his two uncles. They support and love each other. Walter has an even closer relationship with his uncles than with his mother, although his mother also loves him. It shows that true family relationship is mutual. Another important and inspiring theme is growing up. Growing up means being mature enough to make decisions which is the best for yourself. Walter understands that people having virtue is worth believing. Therefore, he believes in his uncles and even decides to live with them. Undoubtfully, Walter has made the right decision, as he chooses to live with people who really care about him. Therefore, growing up and making the right decision is important.

  I strongly recommend this film to all family film lovers. The brilliant characterization and themes are enchanting. The adventures of Hub and Garth are so exciting that you will glue your eyes on the screen. The warm family relationship between the two uncles and Walter will definitely touch you. Don’t hesitate to go and watch this film at cinema!