Should secondary school students go online dating?


Have you ever heard of ‘online dating’? It means we share our personal information such as age, gender and hobbies online and wait for a match by the internet or an app. Online dating becomes popular in recent years since it is convenient as we can date with others at home using a computer. However, I think Secondary school students should not go online dating.

   First of all, I think online learning is dangerous for secondary school students as they are not mature enough. We are not able to distinguish between good people and bad people. We think we know, but actually we don’t. Hence, it is very risky since the person on the other side of the computer may be a bad person. We could be treated inappropriately. Also, we may be cheated in different ways such as we are asked to pay them money or taking some nude photo, and we don’t know how to handle the situation. Therefore it is really dangerous for secondary school student to go online dating.

   Secondly, we have to consider online security. Not all websites are secure and our privacy is not guaranteed. Also, people may not be trustworthy, he or she may leak our personal information such as photos and age. It could lead to serious crime if such information is used illegally. We have to think twice before sharing our information with strangers. Therefore, I think not all websites are secure so our privacy is not guaranteed.

   Lastly, secondary school students will be distracted from studies. Our priority should be learning and preparing for the future. Secondary school students may think about their dating target during the lesson so that they can’t concentrate on what the teacher have said. In long term, their academic results will fallback and the relationship between the secondary school students and their parents will become bad. They may quarrel about the teenager’s academic result. So I think online dating will disturb secondary school students to study.

   In conclusion, I think secondary school students should not go online dating because we are not mature enough, online dating may harm us. Second, not all websites are secure so our privacy is not guaranteed. At last, online dating will distract secondary school students. Therefore, secondary school students must say no to online dating.