Write a diary entry on ‘rent-a-family’ issue.


Dear Diary,

Long time no see!

I’ve recently read from the SCMP that there’s a growing “rent-a-family” industry in numerous countries. I’ve got some ideas. Can’t wait to share with you!

I think the crux of the phenomenon probably is “loneliness”. Due to loneliness, people living in metropolis alone seek warmth from “rent families”. Owing in-depth loneliness, people leaving their original family rent a family for showing off to peers in festivals or social events for fear of being perceived as an “aligned alien”. Loneliness is an inborn, natural desire derived from our heart, so people can’t help but retrieve for somebody’s company relentlessly. Renting a family is one of the approaches only, right?

In my opinion, renting a family is a natural response to combat one’s intrinsic loneliness. Since the number of people living and working alone in first-tier cities is on the rise, it develops into a thriving industry. Of course, this gives rise to a new type of economy. I bet some start-ups are craving for the precious opportunities to set feet in the market. Ha! Papa, mama, sis and I may also be a “distinction grade” family to be rented put at high price! Well, many families, even for those underprivileged ones which don’t get any member capable of working can also earn some money to make both ends meet. This may improve their situation, who knows!

Besides being an economist, the emphasis should be placed on the humanity side more instead. After sharing the piece of news with my classmates, many claimed such phenomenon distorts family values. I do agree… But as the saying goes “a coin has two sides”. Whether it poses a hazard or a blessing is to be seen. For instance, those who have left their family members genuinely find a sense of belonging in the rented family. The “family” takes care of him, cooks him meal, spends delightful time with him. Can’t a close bonding be established between them? The “family” may also sympathise him and back him up. If so, I think our society is gonna be more harmonious in which everyone is accepting to one another. Or it’s too utopian. Relationships built on piles of money are never steady, I know, I know. They are fake. Not only do they twist the meaning of “a family” (which offers you unconditional love and support with blood relation to you), they also deepen loneliness. Suppose a man rent a tender “wife” and an adorable “daughter”. Will he be happy? May not. Deep in his mind, he knows all are FAKE and will vanish once the banknotes underneath disappear. The problem the group of people facing can’t be solved while our society will become more pragmatic as well. Money can work for anything, even for that most valuable bonding in world. Sigh.

 Though it’s going viral elsewhere, but I don’t think such trend will be prevalent in Hong Kong. You know, privacy is always the top priority of Hongkongers. Will people accept having a stranger at home? Probably not, let alone Hong Kong citizens simply lack the sense of intimacy. Also, the demand for renting a family may be quite low. Personal privacy concern has already scared myriads of people away from staying in some strangers’ home. Hong Kong is else different from “lonely countries” like Japan in nature. Here, people are busily “staring at” money, how can they afford time and energy to care much about being lonely or not. The social atmosphere is simply different.

Dear Journal, it’s so relaxing to blurt put all my thoughts tonight! But I’m quite worn-out now… Tomorrow I still have an MGT test… Wish me best luck! See you.