A Speech to S1 students


 Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow students,

  On behalf of the Students Union, I’d like to welcome all of you to our school. I’m sure we all want to achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, so this morning I’d like to give you some advice.

  What’s your goal after finishing the secondary education? How about entering society or finishing the tertiary education? No matter which pathway you choose, there is one thing which should be placed in the first priorityㄧ self discipline. When we grow up, we actually have more freedom and can take control of our lives. Yet, if we just do what we enjoy, like playing computer games and do not study hard, we will reap what we sow. Without self-discipline, we cannot control our own action and improve our future. Therefore, we should follow the school rules, starting to learn how to be slef-disciplined. Take eating during lesson time as an example. It is not all allowed as it may distract the class and ourselves. The behavior is also not allowed in the office too. Since the secondary school life, we should start to develop proper habits and values, controlling ourselves with school rules and self-discipline, and a better future life can be achieved.

  Not only developing a sense of self-discipline, following the school rules helps us to maintain a harmonious and clean campus too. Imagine if we just do everything we want and reject the others’ needs, the campus will be in a mess and a pleasant school life wil not be guaranteed. Following the school rules ensues us a safe and joyful environment in the campus.

  Before I continue my speech, let’s do something to prevent us from falling asleep. Do you know the schoolmate who sits beside you? Can you shake hands with him or her? Congratulations, you have a friend now. We cannot have a life without friends who are so important in every stage of our life. What can a well-developed interpersonal relationship give us? First, it can relieve our burden and motivate us. To be honest, the study pressure in secondary school is formidable, especially for senior form students. Facing tonnes of homework and quizzes, it is understandable that we feel upset and helpless at times. In my class, we always cheer up for our classmates when they are worried about their life, and the pure, supportive smile can always warm our hearts, bringing us self-confidence. Through well-developed interpersonal rrelationships, we know that we will never be alone,and are encouraged to face the difficulties in our life.

  Second, well-developed interpersonal relationships are also the key to maintaining social harmony. We as part of the city and therefore have the responsibility to keep the place where we live full of happiness. If everyone just cares about their own business, not connecting with others, it is a piece of cake for us to imagine how cruel and selfish the world will be. 

  After studying in the campus for six years I can always find joy and enjoyment here, giving thanks to the self-discipline of each schoolmate and the well-developed interpersonal relationships among us. We are going to spend our precious teenage here, so why don’t we try our best to enjoy a happier school life? Wish you all a fruitful and enjoyable life here. Thank you.