Communal sharing bicycle – A more convenient and greener way for cycling


In recent years, a brand new way for cycling – communal sharing bicycle has emerged among countries all over the world. In which Hong Kong, as an international metropolis, is no exception. The idea started to become favoured in Hong Kong since 2014, mainly on account of its convenience brought to the city.

As the name suggests, communal sharing bicycles are not privately owned. The whole community can enjoy the service and anyone can feel free to pick up a communal sharing bicycle at any time, and anywhere. There is no doubt that adults who cycle to work can be benefited from them directly, since they no longer need to worry about whether they can find a place to park their bicycles. Meanwhile, their fear of their bicycles being stolen or damaged can also be eliminated, which is another great benefit for them. Moreover, since the bicycles are public, there is no need for people to carry bicycles from one place to another, especially in situations like going up and down in your estate. Therefore, communal sharing bicycles can improve our lives by providing us with convenience to ease our difficulties in daily life.

Since communal sharing bicycles bring us such convenience, another significant benefit emerges from it. When more and more people become familiar with the benefits of using communal sharing bicycles, numerous citizens will give it a try. Consequently, not only the use of communal sharing bicycles, but cycling, can also be popularized. This can greatly help the citizens to practise green lifestyle because cycling does not emit any carbon dioxide that would devastate our environment, unlike some mass transport such as buses and trams. When more people cycle instead of taking other means of transport, there will be relatively less carbon emission from other transport and thus our environment can be improved.

Nonetheless, some people argue that communal sharing bicycles will cause nuisance to our society in some ways. For instance, in some places, bicycles are placed in a mess which would affect the cities’ appearance. However, I fail to agree with the saying, since most places that have introduced communal sharing bicycles have included a parking system for communal sharing bicycles which citizens can lock the bicycles conveniently, without causing any messes. To conclude, the introduction of communal sharing bicycles into any place can bring lots of convenience to their citizens, while it also brings out other benefits that are far better and more significant, including the promotion of green lifestyle. Therefore, the launching of communal sharing bicycles is justifiable and beneficial in different places all over the world.