A Helping Hand


A Helping Hand

Susan was waiting under the baking sun at the bus stop. What an ordinary day, she thought.

But something not ordinary happened al of a sudden.

She heard a squeaking sound coming from the brakes, then, a loud “thud”.  When she looked back, she was terrified by the scene she saw.  A double-decker bus was stopped and lying on the ground while the moaning and screaming of people filled her ears.

He couldn’t decide whether she should lend a helping hand.  Out of the blue, a young man rushed out and tried to peep inside the unsuccessful. Although it was clear that it was impossible with only one person.  He changed his position and continued.  Unexpectedly, a group of students came and helped more and more people came, one by one. Susan was impressed by the helping spirit of the crowd.  I should help, she decided but what could I do?

“Someone is hurt!  Anyone knows how to treat her?”  A man shouted.  Susan took out a qualifying card of first aid treatment.  I know what to do!  I can help!” she shouted.

Susan checked the wounds of the victim and found out that she was unconscious.  She laid the victim down and performed CPR to rescue her.  “One, two, three…” Susan’s hands were trembling, and she could hear nothing but her counting and heartbeats.  After a few rounds of resuscitation, Susan was exhausted.  Drops of sweat fell, but she did not dare to wipe them away.

“Wee woo, wee woo…” an ambulance arrived.  But Susan continued.

“It’s okay now, miss. We can take over the CPR process.  Thank you for your help.” A first aider thanked her.  Or could you do us a favour?”  Can you tell the police officers what happed?”

“Sure!”  Susan smiled, feeling fulfilled to offer a helping hand.