Proposal for the 20th Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival


  1. Introduction

This proposal is submitted in response to the Hong Kong Youth Arts Society’s proposal writing competition. In this proposal, a theme and three events will be suggested. The benefits and organization will also be chiefly discussed.


  1. Theme

It is proposed that “Joy to the World” will be the theme of the festival.  It is believed that music and art is a way of sending happiness and wishes to the world. As a result, the festive atmosphere of Christmas will be included in the following events suggested.


  1. Events

It is suggested that the following three events be included in the festival.


3.1      Pop Singing Show

Staging the Pop Singing Show may arouse the teenagers’ interest in taking part in or watching the show. Pop singer, Joey Yung will be invited to sing Christmas carols in pop forms.  Moreover, teenagers will be encouraged to perform in the show. A band for background music will also be  recruited.


3.1.1  Benefits

Pop songs are closely related to teenagers. Moreover, combining Christmas carols and pop bands may arouse teenagers’ interests in watching and taking part in the show. Besides, Christmas carols would be sung to celebrate the festival. This, in turn may attract more youngsters to join the Art Festival.


3.1.2 Organization

Important aspects of the organization include where the pop show will be held and how the casting will be arranged. Venue

The pop show could be staged in the Concert Hall in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Moreover, it may also be staged in the theatre in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre if the Concert Hall is full. Casting

It is proposed that casting take place not only in Hong Kong, but also in other regions, such as Macau. It is believed that many teenagers will enjoy the show too.


3.2   Photographic Competition

The Photographic Competition is a competition which is suitable for teenagers since teenagers like going out with friends during holidays.  Any kind of photos regarding to happiness can be submitted to Hong Kong Youth Arts Society by e-mail or letter before 1st December 2016. Additionally, the photos should be unique and a 50-words description for each photo must be included. The best photo will be determined by the judges. The winner of the competition will be given a $1,000 dollars book prize.


3.2.1    Benefits

The moment of happiness at Christmas can be caught by camera. Not only the techniques but also the process of this event can make teenagers get much closer.

3.2.2   Organization

Important aspects of the organization include where the competition ceremony will be held and how many judges will be arranged. Venue

The competition ceremony can be held in the City Hall on 20th December 2016. The top ten of the photos will be chosen in the final round. The best one will be announced on the day of ceremony. Judges

Three local famous photographers will be invited as judges.


3.3  Art workshop

The art workshop will be held on 22nd December 2016. There will be about 100 vacancies for public enrollment. Different kinds of artwork will be performed in related to the theme of “Joy to the World”.

3.3.1   Benefits

Teenagers may go together to make artworks, like Christmas cards and Christmas trees. Teenagers may get to know one another and different opinions can be discussed. Teenagers may also know more about the techniques of making different types of artwork. Furthermore, the artwork may be given to the underprivileged.  In addition, the passion of art could be spread to other places.

3.3.2   Organization

Important aspects of the organization include where the workshop will be held and how many tutors will be invited to demonstrate the artwork.

The art workshop could be held in the function room of the Hong Kong Art Museum. This workshop is suitable for teenagers. Moreover, the form 3 or above students will be assistants of the workshop as volunteers. Tutors

Local artists such as May Sum and Billy Chan may be invited to demonstrate how to make the artworks.

Furthermore, it is a free art workshop so that teenagers who are interested can come to enjoy the workshop.


  1. Conclusion

This proposal for the 20th Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival consists of three events. The theme of “Joy to the World” will be delivered. It is believed that music and art is a good platform to convey contentment and wishes to the world.


This proposal was prepared by Serena Li Sum Yi from Carmel Secondary School class 3A.