A Letter of complaint


Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to complain about the poor condition and problems of the centre and the attitude of the assistant manager.


I would like to start by saying that there are several problems in the aerobics class. The instructor is not professional enough which makes me doubt whether she is qualified for the job as an instructor. Her body is neither in shape nor healthy. Even the instructor herself is not healthy, how can she teach students to do exercise and keep fit? I would also like to mention the unbearable situation of the room. The room was in chaos. There were dumbbells, dirty clothes and backpacks placed randomly on the floor. The customers might be trapped over by them, which is unsafe. It is way too small for all of us. It is cramped. We could not even move freely there. The space there is greatly insufficient for all of us to do exercise. Moreover, thee facilities are all broken, including the CD player and the mirror. It cannot play music which is essential for dancing. We could not see how we did with the broken mirror as well.


Another problem is about the snack bar. The assistant was not ready for work. He looked like he had just got out of bed and was extremely sleepy, which should not be the act of a responsible and qualified assistant. I really concern the hygienic problem of the snack bar as well. There were unwashed dishes and bowls at the counter. There was dirt and water dripping on those dishes. It was hard for me to ignore these poor conditions and had my meal comfortably. There were also some chairs and tables which were either flipped over or broken. I could not tolerate the fact that no one was fixing them and still put them at the snack bar. It has totally reflected the low quality of it. Moreover, the snack bar is not selling any healthy food. All of them are high calorie, fat and sugary food items like cakes, hamburgers, popcorn, French fries and soft drinks. It is inappropriate to sell these kinds of junk food as it is a fitness center. A fitness center should have an influence and a message to people to stay healthy and keep fit. However, from the food sold at the snack bar, I can tell it is defeating the purpose of having a fitness center.


I have called your company and complained about the poor conditions of the snack bar before. However, the assistant manager, Mr. Tang’s response was ridiculous. He said that vegetables and diary products were found in the hamburgers and fruits could be found on cakes. It was unreasonable as the proportion of fruits and vegetables was very little in the food. After all, they are still junk food. The assistant manager was trying to shift the problem to me, which was unreasonable. He said that I should be doing exercise instead of sitting in the snack bar and looking for problems. However, the purpose of having a snack bar is for people to enjoy their meal and spend some time there. It is insensible of him to shift the responsibility to me while he is the one with problem. Lastly, he said that the assistant gave me food advice as sugar and fat give people energy to exercise. It was just an excuse for them and what we truly need in exercises is starch which provides a lot of energy effectively.


I wish to cancel my membership. I also request your company to refund my membership fees. I hope you can improve the quality of the company. Thank you for your attention.


Yours faithfully

Chris Wong

Chris Wong