How can I let Miss Shih remember me?


Miss Shih is my English teacher this year. My first impression of her is that she is very enthusiastic, has a sense of humour and is very beautiful. As I have this memory of her, I hope she can remember me too.

First of all, I have no pretty looks or a smart brain. People’s first impression of me mostly is normal, but ‘never judge a book by its cover’. I really like to smile and laugh. As I am more familiar with people, they will know that I am always smiling and laughing. Once, my relatives came to visit me, they said something hilarious and all of us laughed. When their laughter died down, I was still laughing and tears were streaming down my face. From that time onwards, smiling and laughing became my signature and I hope when Miss Shih is sad or feeling downcast, she can remember my smile and it can let her feel better.

Second, I am really talkative. I am known as the most talkative person in my family and I cannot stay quiet for a minute. I hope I can tame the ‘talking beast’ inside me but that is a really difficult task. I love to make new friends and I think that talking is never a bad thing especially on creating a bond. So, I hope Miss Shih can remember a girl who loves to talk in her class.

Lastly, I can speak English fluently, I wasn’t a born speaker. I actually practised a lot before being able to speak English fluently. Since I really like the subject English, I always try to be active in this class. I may not have the best participation or the best grade in class, but I hope she will remember a student named Natalie in class 2C.