How can I help Miss Shih remember me?


How can I help Miss Shih remember me? That’s a good question. Well, there are two ways: the first one requires a pair of sharp eyes and a good memory while the second one requires determination.

So, what is the first method? Well, if you look closer, you will find that my face is a little bit different from the others. This is actually called “cleft lip”, a congenital disease with unknown reasons. If you can remember this little difference, then you can remember me, because I treat this “little difference” as a gift from the God and also my symbol.

If you are not confident enough with your memory, then you can try out the second method. This requires strong determination, and it is very time-consuming but much simpler than the first method. You can copy my name “Chapman” until you can remember completely which means you can pronounce it and spell it out correctly. It won’t be too much, just around 200 times is fine, I guess.

And you know what, I just discovered a new method and it is reading this passage. From now on, whenever you come across some funny paragraphs or quotes, like this one, just recall my name in your brain, because most of the time, those words would be from my pen.

Just remember, I am the funny writer with a little difference on my face, and, whose name is Chapman.