Tattoos has been found more popular among young people recently. Why is it so? What are your views? Write a blog entry, with the title “Tattoo? Mmm…”.



Tattoo? Mmm…


Flowers? Dragons? Tigers? Or perhaps your own name? Which tattoo style do you prefer? If you ask the youngsters about their views, it is interesting that they will come up with their unique ideas! Recently, the tattoo trend started with David Beckham and Cecilia Cheung in the early 2000s thrives again in Hong Kong and becomes more popular among young people. You may wonder, why is it so? Of course, there are quite a few reasons.


First and foremost, a shift in attitude in Hong Kong among young people counts. Nowadays, adolescents are more eager to try new things. They are changing their minds about tattoos and discarding old stereotypes. Gone are the days when the youngsters thought that tattoos were gang or triad markers. Now, they see tattoos as more like art. Not only do they have no discrimination against people who get inked, but they also find tattoos aesthetically pleasing and artistic. See? They are not as reserved as the older generation when it comes to tattoos. That’s why there is a surge of young fellows having tattoos.


So, why do the youngsters love tattoos? The answer is simple. Celebrity effect. Tattoos have been widely popularized in recent years by the media and heavily tattooed artistists like some K-pop stars. Now, with celebrities from Cara Delevingne to G-Dragon getting inked, many of their young fans follow suit. What’s more, there are more and more amazing techniques as well as creative styles on tattooing coming out. No wonder why the youngsters would like to try out themselves and leave the “designs” on their bodies.


Now, youngsters, if you think further, you must have these questions. Are tattoos actually good or bad? What should I be aware of if I consider getting myself inked? Well, here are some tips.


A coin has two sides. Tattoos are actually not as bad as what most of the earlier generation described and they definitely have their benefits. For instance, tattoo is a form of art and it is as way to express individuality. Living in a city like Hong Kong that is so jam-packed, people often feel they are like anyone else. Tattoos are a chance to step out of it all. What else? Tattoos may in a way make youngsters look cooler and eye-catching, which can let you leave stronger impressions to others.


However, hardly can we deny that getting inked can be detrimental to young people as well. One serious problem in the tattoo industry is the hygiene issue. In fact, there are no certifications or regulations governing tattoos in Hong Kong. Some tattoo artists may lack professionalism and training and have the tendency to reuse needles which can lead to diseases. Sad but true, visible tattoos could hinder one’s chance of landing a serious job in the future, especially in the education field, as many of the employers still hold onto the negative social stigma of having a tattoo.


Up till now, what is your choice? If you still decide to have a tattoo on your body, the following reminders are the must-read for you.


The most important thing is that tattoo is current illegal for people under the age of eighteen. So, if you are still a child, please get rid of the idea! Think before you get inked and consider getting a tattoo that is significant to you. Although tattoos are no longer permanent, removal can be hard and costly. You should think twice and make the right decision. Don’t let yourself regret. Last but not least, many tattoo parlours use various techniques. You must observe whether those shops are up to par.


Are you ready to make a tattoo? Or does it not even appeal to you at all? Bear in mind, tattoos could be beneficial yet pernicious. If you are “permitted” to have a tattoo, think deeply before you enter the crowd of tattooed people.


Dick Ho Yik Chung

2015-16 6E