Short task art lover


HK Art Monthly is a magazine for art lovers in Hong Kong.  Every month, it prints short articles written by its readers about different types of art.  You have decided to write an article for the magazine about the role art plays in your life.


Use the following two headings to write the article.  Complete the second heading and add the

third heading of your own.



_______________________Drawings in My Life__________________________

Why art is an important part of my life

Art has always played a crucial role in my life. My happiness and joy mostly comes from artworks. Ranging from paintings, songs, to films, these are the things making me lively. Although art is very intangible, it totally enriches my mind. For example, watching a film may as well make me reflect on myself and on the messages underlined. Art also helps me release pressure from life. It always has the magical power to make people’s minds relax. On a more practical aspect, art is irreplaceable to me as I work as an illustrator. Art is the fuel to inspire my work and creativity. I simply cannot live without it! Through art, I have also met numerous friends with common interests. My social circle consists of many art lovers and I am glad to have them talking about art together.



How I became interested in __Drawings_______


My destiny to fall in love with drawing might have lied long ago. As a little kid, I was given an Iron Man comic book by my big brother. I was so mesmerized by its plot and aesthetics. While some might simply treat them as superficial fighting scenes, I saw justice and courage. The drawings were like a hit to me too, that the punch and explosions could be so vividly presented by lines and colours. After that, I started to read more comics and art books. It struck me that I could actually try drawing by myself! As I was a shy person, drawing was a brilliant way for me to express myself. It just made my interest in drawings roll bigger and bigger, to a point that I entered an art school to prepare my pathway to work as an artist. I have never imagined how great the impact a single comic book could bring.


_____________How I see art in Hong Kong______________


I have met many local art talents and lots of time I consider them underestimated. While money speaks loud in Hong Kong, art development should raise more attention. It is extremely difficult for local artists to survive as there is little support from the community. I believe digging more in art development does not only benefit those who work in the industry but also the whole society. Art is like food to minds and spirits. Living in such a hectic city, people deserve to have a break with art. It is hoped that there will be more support to art and more people will appreciate the beauty of art.