An Unusual Sunday


Last Sunday, I woke up at nine o’clock as usual. But the unusual thing was that I couldn’t find my mother either in her room or the living room. I felt disorientated at that time because my mother never left me alone at home, but where had she been?

Suddenly, I felt someone dragging my foot with great effort but no one was at home except me. Nowhere to be seen, I heard my mother’s thrilling voice. ”Hey! I ‘m standing next to your toes. When are you going to take your 20 cm tall mother to her chair?”

My mother’s size gave me a heart attack. I was astonished and shocked. I didn’t know what to do to help her grow back to her normal size.

“Oh my God! Mum, why are you so short and small?”

“It is all because of the chocolate you gave me yesterday. It’s poisonous and made your mother small!!!”

My face was as red as a persimmon as I felt embarrassed that I’ve made my mother uncomfortable and furious. Then, I decided to take up the duty of looking after my mother until she became normal.

I put her into my luxurious and snug toy house together with my lovely and beautiful dolls. I cooked breakfast and lunch for her. She said she wanted to go swimming, so I put her into the bath-tub. Unfortunately, she drowned. I immediately picked up her and woke her up. Fortunately, she woke up finally.

“Hey! Make me some medicine! I don’t want to be a 20-cm woman. Read the book on the shelf in my room. It was called ‘Magic Medicines’. Perhaps it can help us,” she said angrily. ”Go immediately! Don’t wait anymore!”

Then, I searched for the book in her bookshelf which was covered by a layer of dust.

“Alright, I got it,” I said to myself.

I read the book carefully and found a solution to help my mother eventually. The solution was made of alcohol, soda powder, spray, glue, soap, lime water, shampoo, conditioner and perfume.

All I had to do was to mix up all the “ingredients” and boiled them for two hours.

Two hours went quickly and I gave the solution to my mother. Then she began to grow. But she grew so quickly that I couldn’t see her face and our ceiling was broken by her.

After that, I decided to make the solution once more. But this time, I boiled it for three hours.

This time, she didn’t grow taller but she was on fire. All the things in our home were burnt by the flame gushed from her mouth.

The third time she drank it, she became very fat and almost burst. Luckily, the wall stopped her from growing.

I decided to make it the final time. This time, I succeeded. My mother turned back to 165 cm tall in the evening.

But what I gained wasn’t a hug,  a kiss or a “ thank you”, but a slap on my face.

Mam was wrathful because our home was badly destroyed after she drank the solution. She said it was totally my fault because it was me who gave her that bar of chocolate.

She scolded me and beat me with a long wooden stick. It really hurt me. I didn’t think I could walk.

But I learnt one thing, it’s that I would never give my mother anything.