They made me …


When I was born, they made me eat and sleep. They made me eat disgusting paste and forced me to sleep almost a hundred hours a week. They made me do what was “good for me”. They forced me to wear dresses and didn’t let me choose what I wanted to put on. They didn’t even allow me to play for fun. They were so “considerate”.

When I was six, they made me learn many things. They made me learn how to play the piano. They made me do revision all the time and didn’t let me watch TV. They made me learn their hobbies which I hated so much. They made me go to school and forced me to wear the ugly school uniform. They forced me to work hard. They didn’t let me enjoy my own time. They were genuinely “kind” to let me “enjoy”.

When I was twelve, they made me study, study and study. They made me get the first in class. They didn’t allow me to use my mobile phone and even broke it. They didn’t let me hang out with friends. If so, they made my aunt follow my way. If I didn’t obey them, they scolded me and made me cry. They made me wear jeans and didn’t let me wear shorts. They were really over-protective.

When I was free, they made me busy. They made me work. They made me read English books and newspapers. They made me go to English courses. They didn’t allow me to choose my hobbies. They forced me to get good grades in English. They didn’t let me have any leisure time. They allowed me to “enjoy” my “free” time. What a pair of wonderful parents in the world.