Which one is more important? Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty


There are two kinds of beauty, one is inner beauty and the other is outer beauty. Inner beauty is for more important than outer beauty.

Inner beauty simply refers to the personality of a person, including their mind and characters. Outer beauty means the look of a person. So why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?

Outer beauty can be a fake one, a pretended one but inner beauty can’t lie. The look of a person can be easily changed through tons of ways, for example, make up, dressing, or even cosmetic surgery. It is because they think outer beauty is everything. They forget about the inside, their inner beauty. If a person looks so attractive, but having evil thoughts, would they be a reliable friend of others? What kind of friends will be more popular, the one with a pretty face or a friendly, hardworking and helpful person, but with a “not-that-good-looking” appearance?

If you don’t have an awesome look, it doesn’t really matter, just be good inside. People around you will finally appreciate you when they know you. Just remember, inner beauty is always more important than the outer beauty.