My day as a teenager’s mobile phone


I am a smartphone which belongs to a teenager named Peter. I don’t mean to be snobbish but you must envy Peter as I am the latest model and a limited edition. He bought me a few weeks ago and he really likes to show off me, his new toy, to his friends.


Every day in the morning, he unplugs me from the charger and listens to music while he is brushing his teeth. I always wonder why he needs to listen to songs right after he gets out of bed. While enjoying his breakfast, he is always surfing the internet using me. His mother frowns seeing this and keeps on asking him to concentrate on eating. But Peter ignores her every time. He also checks Facebook frequently to see whether his friends have sent messages or left comments to him.


Leaving home, he goes to school by bus. Once stepped on the bus, he takes me out to play games like Coin Doner and Candy Crush. Although the school doesnt allow students to bring mobile phones to school, he always puts me in the small pocket in his school bag or even the pocket of his pants. That’s why he is always wearing his jacket even in summer as he wants to hide me from the teacher. You know, how much I hate staying in his pocket as he sweats a lot. Sometimes, I can feel that my body also smells because of his sweat.


I prefer being kept in his locker but he doesnt do that since it is easier for him to play games during the lesson. Once he was playing games during the lesson and the teacher asked him to answer a question. He was so frightened that the teacher might discover he was not paying attention in class. He stood up quickly to answer the question and carelessly dropped me to the floor. Luckily, the teacher didnt discover me as he was distracted by another student who was dozing off in class.


During lunchtime, he always uses Apps like Whatsapp and WeChat to chat with others, like friends who have gone studying abroad. And he shows me to his friends secretly at school. He enjoys seeing his friends’ eyes sparkle in amazement staring at me, the newest model in the market.


Although Peter is a naughty boy, he treats me with great care. He never tidies up his room, which is always in a mess. But he spends money buying beautiful and eye-catching iphone cases to protect me. I have got five new cases in these few weeks!


Sometimes I wonder, what is the use of me. A mobile phone should be used as a communication tool to connect people together. But what I am now is only an entertainment gadget for Peter. He uses me for playing games, listening to music, showing off in front of his friends, and that is my everyday routine as his mobile phone. I think I am something which is affecting people’s living style. Students play games using me during lessons when they should be enriching themselves with useful knowledge. They chat with each other on my small screen instead of interacting face to face and acquiring essential social skills. Although I am a so called smartphone, people who are using me become more and more stupid since they always focus on the small screen of mine instead of the real world around them.


Oh! I am running out of battery now. It may be the time for me to sleep. See you tomorrow, my another meaningless day as a teenager’s mobile phone.