It’s now or never


A student exchange programme will be held between 18 July and 16 August. Participants will be spending the summer at York Language School in the UK. In other words, you are going to have a Summer Study Abroad in the UK! 


During the programme, basically student still attend English courses in the school. It seems that only attending the courses is boring, right? Yet, there are not only English courses. Students can take part in volunteer work, such as helping out at charity shops, in order to experience British culture. Isn’t it attractive? You are encouraged to join this programme as it will be beneficial to all of you.


To start with, you can definitely improve your English skills by spending a few weeks in a foreign country, and attending the English courses can surely improve your language. Secondly, you will be able to make new friends from the UK. The programme offers you chances to meet the local students in the Uk, which will surely enlarge your social circle. You can share your Facebook contact with each other !


Lastly, you can broaden your horizons by enrolling on this summer programme. As You would be taking part in volunteer work, you can have a real experience of the British culture, which will absolutely give a better understanding of the UK.


Worrying about the cost? No worry! The cost will only be HK$18000 as the school will be sponsoring part of the cost of the programme. It’s worth spending only $18000 to explore the world!


Here comes the chance! You can benefit something that cannot be obtained In lessons and from books. This programme is surely a “low-cost” but “high reward” exchange. Don’t hesitate! Come and join the exchange programme and you will have an invaluable and amazing trip.