Drama audition


Dear Chris,


It’s been a long while since we last chatted. How’s your study mate? It’s so busy for me to cope with the stressful exam that I didn’t realize to write you a letter! I bet you’re now enjoying life with the cozy atmosphere there! Lucky you…


Well, you know, being an actress is always my dream. Guess what? The chance was here right for me! The drama club of our school had held an audition to screen and choose capable applicants to act Romeo and Juliet, the masterpiece of Shakespeare! Sounds great, right? I was so excited that I signed up for it with no hesitation. Hey, such an opportunity really came once in a blue moon, while I could be dressed in grand and stunning costumes, put on make-up of flamboyant colors, acting like as if I was really a real princess in the ancient time.


With high hopes and anticipation, I got myself well-prepared for the audition by reciting the lines of Juliet tens of thousands of time until my throat went dry. I’m not kidding! You know, it can show how suitable you are for that role. On the big day, I arrived at the venue (that’s the school hall actually) punctually. To my surprise, there weren’t too many students competing with me for the role. Hehe, a greater chance to be selected! Then, I felt a bit relieved, and sat down somewhere, waiting for the audition I awaited long to kick off.


Seeing everything’s settled down, the chairlady of the club started calling the names of applicants all of a sudden, saying that we could start our performance and interpretation of the scripts. I was so shocked and astonished to hear myself being the very first one to perform! Bad luck! I then calmed myself down, and tried to be confident when facing the cold eyes and serious looks of the judges, Mr. Lau and Mrs. Siu. (You know, all of us were afraid of them who were the harshest disciplinary teachers ever!) Yet, what made the matter worse was my brain going blank at the very moment. I lost my faith and determination to give an amazing show and leave them a fantastic first impression of mine. Finally, my performance was ended up with me uttering the lines and awful facial expressions due to extreme nervousness. OMG! How could this be? My tears nearly flooded out! (Luckily I didn’t, or else I’d be definitely embarrassed.)


Feeling like all hopes were dashed into pieces, I no longer had the mood to admire the performances done by other applicants. I felt just so disappointed and sorry about myself. Awww… My efforts were all in vain! I, being so ambitious to become a promising actress, was beaten by my OWN nervousness! I was so ashamed and I could only blame myself on not having a really comprehensive rehearsal beforehand. I should have performed it in front of my parents and friends, instead of the mirror in my toilet! Sigh!


Well, I acknowledge that I neglect the importance of practising thoroughly and, of course, the pressure I’ve to deal with when standing on the stage. What a lesson learnt! It’s always beneficial to reflect on our own mistakes, though. You know, chances always come once only. I wish you wouldn’t follow my footsteps but seize opportunities.


But hey! Despite such a failure, I won’t give up so easily! I’ll still strive for my ambition. One day, you are gonna see my great work on TV!


Really missing you a lot! Please write back soon.


With love,