Let’s Explore The Wonders of Poems!


Phew!!! I’m finally done with that evil midterm test, hopefully I could pass it! Haha! By the way, I found that many of us aren’t really fond of poetry as none of them chose to write on this topic during the test. (Ironically, I’m a big fan of it!) As a typical student, I think I know the reason attributing to such an atmosphere.


Well, as many do not understand the implied meaning of those amazing poems, they then treat poetry as boring. However, it’s because of our little exposure to that kind of text type. As HK students, especially for we S6 students, we’re packed into tight and clogged up schedules as well as studying a demanding curriculum, which is extremely exam-oriented and practical. How can teenagers have the interest in poems, in which they hardly have time to explore? So, we’d rather choose to dig deep into other more practical text types like the letter to the Editor or the letter of adjustment. (They seem to be much more useful, right?)


It’s really a pity to see poetry being the least popular text type among students, maybe schools can give a hand to alleviate the problem and improve this disheartening situation. Since the root problem is students lacking an interest in poems, I guess some interesting activities can help arouse their interest and deepen their understanding in poetry.


A ‘Poetry Week’ could possibly be held to achieve the purpose. Let’s not be bound by classrooms, but learn to think out of the box! Having a ‘Poetry Week’, students could have the ‘time’ to explore different kinds of poems. There could be notice boards introducing what poetry is and showcasing acclaimed poems. Plus, there could be poem appreciation sessions, like denoting the manipulation of poetic expressions. Hey, do you still remember the difference between metaphor and simile! Also, there could be an activity called ‘You Are The Poet!’ If students try to be a poet themselves, they understand how a fantastic piece of poem could be constructed along the way. They could even go through the process of structuring the organization of each stanza and pick the lines that rhyme! Why not a ‘Poem Day’ for the week, too? Or, having an inter-class poem quiz on the interpretation of the deep meaning of those provided poems? Let’s guess how well we could do! Woho!


I hope the above suggestions can really be put into practice and students can thus realize what a wonderful text type they have long neglected! What’s more, they can find an alternative way to express their feelings and thoughts. It’s well-known that students in HK lead a life of hustle and bustle, and thus, we have to find means to relax the stressed rubber band.


Poems are actually a brilliant channel to release our pent-up emotions, which we may never realize. If we read and are exposed to various types of poems, we can find somebody (it’s the poet actually, LOL) sharing the same view with us. Isn’t it fabulous to find the poems conveying the messages in our minds, or, when we are inspired by the thoughts of the poets?


Well, sometimes we may not wish to express our feelings in an explicit way. We can hide the message into a poem and let the readers guess it. (And they may never know the truth! Haha!) A good way to bottle up our secrets, right? Also, whilst we’re composing our own poem, it’s actually a process of releasing our pressure and emotions. How amazing!


So, give it a try when you want to cry.

Secrets can be hidden and no one will find.



You see, it rhymes!