An email to Michael


Hi Michael,


I’m pretty busy these days. But  still, everything’s fine. In recent days, I realized that you seldom post status on Facebook, probably because of the huge workload, right? Believe me, I have gone through extremities of pain brought by the schoolwork and I can offer you tips!


First of all, it is undeniable that there’s huge amount of schoolwork like homework and quizzes. Good time management is rather important for you to cope with them. When I was in senior form, I really spend all the break time finishing the homework. Michael, I know it seems harsh. “A break” should be a time for a break! But in senior forms, this can surely help a lot and save much time. You will suddenly find that there isn’t much homework. Then, the stress should somehow be relieved.


For the quizzes and tests, all you have to do is to pay attention in class. Michael, I remember you once told me that you often sleep in lessons. Hence, you are always worried about the quizzes. In fact, if you can pay more attention in class, and jot down notes, you should be capable of handling those quizzes with no pressure at all! Believe me, Michael, I always got full marks even though I hadn’t revised! Don’t feel jealous. You can do the same.


To relieve pressure, try playing some sports with friends. I don’t really remember the details, but my biology teacher once told me that working out enables our body to secrete a hormone which helps us to have a cheerful disposition. You know what a hormone is?” Maybe you can play sports at the weekend. This really lifts weights off the shoulder!


Michael, I know that you’re pretty upset without your best friend Johnny. But in this era, why don’t you whatsapp him or contact him through facebook? It feels like as if you two are just in a global village with no boundaries at all! So there’s nothing to be sad.


Anyway, Michael, if you have any problems, just whatsapp me. But don’t ask me to help you finish any of your homework.