A speech on parenting


Good morning everyone. I am honored to be with you today to share my view on parenting. I’m going to share my opinions on the difficulties of being parents today, how to raise a kid with all- rounded personality; what the top priority of children’s life should be and finally, my own experience as a child.


It is very difficult to be parents today. Not only do we need to make both physical and mental effort as in raising our children, but we also need to make important decisions that will affect the future development of our children. The most difficult part lies in we live in an even-changing society and knowledge based economy. We and our children must be able to adapt to changes. The traditional type of parenting may no longer be suitable for us to follow or serve as a reference. Thus, it is of course important for us, parents to explore and tailor make the most suitable type of parenting for our children.


To explore the most suitable type of parenting for our children, we must ask and think about what the top priority of children life should be. In my opinion, the top priority is to develop an open mind to things, and hence, be able to find what one likes to do. We should guide our children on the right path instead of forcing our children to join various extra curriculum activities. We should let them choose what they want to do instead of spoon-feeding them. In short, we should let our children to pursue his or her interest if he/ she is able to find it. If he/ she is not able to find it at the moment, be patient and support your children to do so. It will be just a matter of time when they find it. So there is nothing to worry at all.


We all parents wish to raise our kid with all-rounded personality. How can we achieve this goal? For sure, that there are various methods to achieve the same goal. Yet, I believe there is something that we parents must do. We should inculcate our children with the right values. For example, one should uphold our integrity and respect others. And freedom and choice come hand in hand. We should also widen our children’s horizon by encouraging them to join both physical and aesthetic development activities. They should at the same time, be given a suitable degree of autonomy in their childhood. Thus, development their own interest, spark their creativity and socialize with one another.


I would like to share my part experience as a child with you. My parents gave a relatively high degree of autonomy to me. Besides, teaching me French, they let me alone to pursuit my own interest. My parents were not college educated and there are little books in our home only. My parents didn’t steer. I was free to do whatever want I was drawn to astronomy after I realized there were questions that I could not find the answer from anywhere or anybody. In short, the curiosity-driven approach to learning makes me who I’m today. I’m glad about that and I would like to thank my parents.


Lastly, I would like to share a good phrase with all of you. Attitude decides your altitude. Yes, attitude decides your altitude. Thank you. Best wishes to you and your children.