A letter to Tracy


Dear Tracy,


How are you?  I’ve seen your photos on the Facebook and you really looked cool! I don’t know you’ve got such good taste in fashion! But I’m getting worried about you after receiving your message. As your cousin, I really want to give some advice to you. I know the feeling wouldn’t be good, but I sincerely hope that you can think about the following words.


To be honest, I think there is a need to clarify the responsibility. You are still a F.4 student and the most important task for you is to study hard and concentrate on your study. I’m not saying that you should not buy any clothes, Tracy. You can still buy clothes, but what you’re doing is over the limit. You spent almost all your pocket money on trendy clothes and accessories and you’re now a fashion slave, honestly. You should try to stop it.


Apart from responsibility, necessity is also a vitally important factor for you. Tracy, you’re still a student and you will be wearing your school uniform on weekdays, that means you will only have two days to have casual wear. Just look into this issue from a rational perspective. Can you always wear your casual clothes and is that a must to have so many trendy clothes and accessories? Surely no! You are still small and you are growing up, Tracy. There is no doubt you won’t be able to wear these clothes after a year. After a year, all your trendy clothes will become a waste and you can no longer wear them anymore.


Tracy, I understand your stance and it’s normal for people to pursue beauty. I’m not blaming you, but as your cousin, I strongly believe that I have the responsibility to guide you to the right way. In order to help you to get rid of this irrational behavior, I would like to provide you some advice on how to deal with fashion trends and how to spend your money wisely.


To deal with fashion trends, it mostly depends on yourself. Whenever you see now new trendy clothes, you would definitely have a very strong desire to buy them, right? I have similar experience. You know, I love watches and I have the hobby of collecting watches. Yet, I know I shouldn’t spend so much on it and my collection only has four watches. Whenever I see some extremely beautiful watches, I need to control myself and not to buy them. I love them but I just appreciate them. Tracy, appreciation doesn’t equal possession. Appreciating the excellent designs of the clothes and leaving them in your mind is also a very effective way to control yourself. All you have to do is to control your mind only. Once you have tried that, then you will be able to do so everytime.


On the other hand, there are many ways that you can use your pocket money wisely. You’re still a student and you are advised to spend time on your academic work. Basically, you can buy some mock papers for yourself, which can surely enhance your academic performance. Besides, you can buy some books to read. Have you heard about the National Geographic Magazines? They are excellent books! By reading them, your horizons will be broadened and you will be so amazed (just like the first time when I read them). You will be amazed since there are so many that can be explored in the world in every corner!


Tracy, it’s never too late to mend. You are the smart one and I am confident that you will be able to make a correct choice. I understand your feeling now, but just calmly think about what I’ve said. If you have any problems, you can text me at any time.


I have to stop here. Take care!