A letter to the editor


Dear Editor,


I am writing to express my opinions about the rise in problem gamblers in Hong Kong. It is worrying that cases which come under light may just be the tip of the iceberg. Everyone in the city should work together to stem the problem. There are two major reasons for the rising number of problem gamblers. The first reason is that more and more Hong Kong people have the “get-rich-quick” mentality. The people want to make a fortune in a short period of time without any hardwork. Thus, they fix their hope on successful gambling to amass wealth. In short, they are driven by a greedy mind.


Another reason is the influence of family and friends. To maintain the relationship with people who invite them to go to casino, and due to peer pressure, people may fall into the trap easily. In fact, gambling in casino has become an important part of the social life for many.


Getting addicted to gambling always harm the family relationship badly. Compulsive gamblers of ten lose a lot of money and find themselves in financial trouble. They need to use their family member’s saving to pay off the debt. Hence, the disposable income of the whole family decreases which result in lower living standard. In short, the whole family will suffer due to the irresponsible action of the gambler. Thus, family relationship is badly effected.


It is never to late to seek help if families when problem gamblers want to seek help, they can call the government hotline 18231823 for immediate advice. They can also visit a clinic to seek help from the professionals. Moreover, they can find useful information from the website designed to help one to overcome the addition.


There are a lot of preventive measures that we all can take. Firstly, schools and parents should teach the youngsters of the downside of gambling and inculcate them with right moral values. Secondly, the elders should set a good example for the children. Thirdly, one should uphold values and stand firm to refuse gambling no matter what circumstances he/she faces.


If we all citizens cooperate and work together, the problem rising number of gamblers of compulsive gambler can surely be solved.


Yours faithfully, 

Martin Mak