A letter to the editor showing concern about children involved in gambling


Dear Editor,


I am writing to express my concern about the phenomenon that some parents take their school age children with them when they go to purchase Mark Six tickets at Jockey Club betting centers and some even ask their children to choose Mark Six numbers for them. It is an unhealthy phenomenon. As children are actually participating indirectly in gambling and lots of negative effects may come as a result.


First of all, children may easily lose vigilance towards gambling when they grow up. Since parents always invite their children to choose Mark Six numbers for them, it is easy for children to develop a wrong concept towards gambling. They may not treat gambling as a serious matter but only a piece of game which brings no harm at all. It is really a dangerous thing as these children cannot realize the harmful effects accompanied by gambling. They may become compulsive gamblers unconsciously in the future and cannot stop themselves from indulging in it. This can lead to serious problems including accumulation of debts and distraction from studies. Therefore, asking children to choose Mark Six numbers can impose a profound and long-lasting detrimental impact on them.


Besides, taking the children to Jockey Club betting centers and asking them for Mark Six numbers are unhealthy phenomena which indoctrinate children with wrong values, such as the idea of reaping without sowing and greed to earn “quick money”. Above all, the practice of going to betting centers and choosing Mark Six numbers may pollute the immature minds of kids. They may think that money is the most important thing in their life which goes beyond everything. These distorted values are certainly unfavorable for children’s personal development. They may easily be lured to do something illegal in pursuit of more money after they grow up. Thus, the parent’s behavior has put their children on the edge of the cliff.


Some parents may think that it is not a big deal to take their children to betting centers or let their children choose the numbers. However, all these actually exert adverse impacts on students as discussed above. Therefore, parents should not only avoid taking their children to the betting centre and letting them involve in gambling, but they should also set a good example for their children.


Children are not mature enough to distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore, they tend to follow exactly what their parents do. If parents get involved in gambling, it is easy for their children to get the first taste of gambling at a young age. Moreover, children may believe that gambling is something for fun only and the image of gambling may become glamorous to them. Thus, they may have a higher chance to become compulsive partners than other children without gambling parents.


Apart from it, parents who engage in gambling may not be able to pay full attention to their children. Children who lack parental care often have an unhappy childhood and may easily develop psychological or emotional problems which will affect their future lives. Therefore, parents should always stay away from gambling for the sake of their children.


From my point of view, parents should always mind their conduct and behavior as children are easily being affected. To avoid gambling from polluting the children’s minds, parents had better stop gambling and avoid taking their children to betting centres.