Proposal for an English tutorial class in the BIG


1.      Introduction

   I would like to propose an English tutorial class in the brand new shopping mall, The BIG. The English classes would teach students how to use authentic and fluent English in our daily lives. In addition, the teaching schedules of our center would keep pace with the 2013 DSE English syllabuses, which will definitely suit the needs of our students. We strongly believe that running such classes could be a profitable business.


2.      Details of the English tutorial classes

2.1  Comprehensive and all-round teaching

Our classes focus on whole language development. Our teachers will not only teach students reading and writing skills, but will also boost students’ skills in listening and speaking by carrying out a regular group discussion in every single lesson. It is believed that the group discussion will help students to remove the shyness and hesitation when speaking English.

2.2  Veteran native English teachers

It is promised that all our native teachers would spare no pains to educate our students. And they would try their best to prepare the high quality colorful notes for our students. Besides this, all our English teachers have obtained an accredited English language teaching certificate or equivalent and all of them are native speakers. Students can, therefore, learn authentic English.

2.3  Keeping abreast of the 2013DSE syllabus

The report from the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority tells us that only 20% of the Hong Kong students could have a pass in 2012 DSE English. In view of this, our teaching schedules will therefore keep pace with the latest 2013 DSE syllabus so our teachers could teach students more exam skills and help them to tackle difficult English problems.


3.      Target customers

3.1 Secondary school students

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city and it is not surprising that students need to use an international language—English fluently in the future. Also, there is a growing consensus that English will be double counted in the selection of universities. In a bid to achieve an outstanding English result, secondary school students will be attracted by different English tutorial classes. Therefore, the number of students attending our classes will surely soar for a long period of time.


4.      Marketing Strategies

4.1  Online website

A website would be set up on the Internet to promote the aims and details of our center. Such website would attract more students to our center. In addition, a student forum would be placed at the bottom part of our website, letting students give opinions to our courses so we could improve our teaching methods.

4.2  Discount

With a view to advertising our center, it is proposed that if two students attend our courses together, a discount of 30% would be given to them. Such promotion could encourage students to try our tutorial classes.

4.3  One day courses

We would like to organize one day courses for students to experience our authentic English courses. This can certainly enable students to have a general idea about the lessons.


5.      Mutual Benefits

5.1  Influx of youngsters

As students are required to attend the classes every week, it is believed that an array of students would eat lunch or dinner in the food court in The BIG during the lunch time or dinner time. Some youngsters might even purchase goods in the shopping malls. Therefore, it is believed that a multitude of youngsters would be attracted to The BIG.

5.2  Website Advertising

Our center will not only promote the aspiration of our courses, but also the brand new shopping mall, The BIG in the website. We will also have a brief description of the mall in our website

6.      Conclusion

Running a tutorial class in The BIG would be a judicious decision. It is strongly believed that our center would bring benefits to the BIG. We hold great hope of having the proposal approved.


Proposed by Pat Chan