My First Touch


Would you stop for a while in front of a pet shop to look at the lovely animals? I would, certainly. Although I am a bit afraid of animals, I still like watching them through the window because of their amiable appearance.


Nevertheless, we cannot be too conservative to progress. Participating in a three-week ‘Summer Work Experience’ scheme this summer was my first step to have a close touch with the animals by being an assistant in a pet shop. To my surprise, it not only let me have a chance to work in a real working environment, but it also changed my attitude towards animals.


Although I had prepared well before the work began, the first step was always the hardest. On the first day of the scheme, I went to the pet shop with both excitement and worries. My mentor, Amy, was waiting for me at the shop and welcoming me with a bright smile. She was just like telling me that I must do my best to finish the job. However, there was no perfection in the world. Since I was unfamiliar with the real operational flow, I always did things wrongly. Therefore, the things that I could do were just some simple jobs, such as handling payments and tidying the shop in the first few days and I had no chance to take care of the animals in the shop.


After the first couple of days, I became more familiar with the job nature and I was more and more confident with my work. My progress was also recognized by Amy. ‘Would you like to try to take care of the animals?’ She asked. I was excited when I heard this question and, of course, I gave her a definite ‘Yes!’.


I was actually quite nervous when I had the first ‘conversation’ with the animals but I also tried my best to tackle my nervousness. My first task was to take care of the twin puppies, which were only a few months old. I needed to feed them regularly, help them to tidy their hair and also play with them if I had leisure time. At first, I was afraid of touching them but it was not a problem after I had got along with them for the whole day. I played with them every day and they would welcome me at the door every morning. A harmonious relationship was established between us. However, the pleasant moment didn’t last long. At the end of the third week, the twin puppies were bought by a family. Although the shop remained bustling, I felt something was lost in my heart. The grey clouds above my head were blown away by the consolation of Amy. She told me that even animals would have their own life. After that, I knew that was the best way for them to live a happy life and I was also pleased to see them go to a new home.


Although the scheme was over, the things that I have learnt from the work experience will never vanish in my mind. I have overcome the psychological barrier of staying with animals and even discovered the fun of this job. The work experience also has boosted my confidence and interest in working in a pet shop. I believe I have already taken my first step through joining the ‘Summer Work Experience’ scheme and I can surely tell you that I love this job.


It is worth spending three weeks to gain a lifelong experience. Why not give yourself a chance to lead a different life? Just take your first step and you will fall in love with the job like me!