A letter to Lucy


Dearest Lucy,


I ‘ve received your letter. I understand that you have to make an important decision about your future. So I’ll try my best to give you my opinions. First of all, congralutions for winning the competition. Having been your friends for so long. I knew that you excel in singing which has always been your favourite habit. A recording contract is remarkable and attractive. However, there are more meaningful and worthwhile posts waiting for you. Being a policewoman has always been you dream. Now that your dream is coming into view. I don’t think you should give up your effort so easily.


Since last year, you’ve spent a lot of time on physical training in order to get a pass in the police examination. I remember you woke up early in the morning. You ran for at least one hour, did push up for 12 times within one minute. Now that you have passed the harsh physical examination and got a place at the police training school, you should continue to fulfill your dream. Being a policewoman can contribute to Hong Kong and maintain its social order. Do you still remember we saw the film “ Superman” together when we were in Form One ? After this inspiration, you told me you want to do something meaingful like what the superman did. You want to arrest all the bad guys who are criminals in society and maintain the harmony and peace of the world. Now you ‘ve got a great future ahead of you. You can be a righteous policewoman. I see no reason why you have to give this up.


I’m positive that if you choose the other way , you’ll regret later as you’ll lose yourself physically and mentally. After entering the show business, you will be a household name because of your wonderful voice. However it is not easy for you to be a singer. You have to withstand tonnes of strains and stresses. As you are a celebrity , there will be nasty comments critizing your singing techniques, body figure, height, weight, etc. You will feel annoyed and hurt. In order to be admired by the public, you will change your personality to suit the taste of the public and win over their heart. You’ll no longer be yourself. You’ll no longer be the one that I know. Finally, you will wonder who you are and you’ll lose youself.


Apart from the change deep inside you, you may be urged by the managers or the public to keep fit because of the myth “ Beauty equals being thin.” Nowadays, there are many celbrities who are underweight but they are still on diet to delight and satisfy the audience. Do you want to become one of them? Do you want to lose yourself entirely?


Being a policewoman is better. Although you cannot earn as much as a famous singer, you can be yourself rather than putting on different masks every day to cater for the taste of the public. What a tiring job it is! More importantly, giving up a recording contract does not mean giving up singing. You can be a policewoman righteously. At the same time, you can sing whenever you like, having your cake and eat it.


So, I can see a great deal more advantages for you to choose to realise your dream of being a policewoman. I therefore would have no hesitation to lend you my full support.   


All the Best,