A speech


Good morning everybody.


What are the most important things in your life? For businessmen, the answer may be money. For pop stars, the answer may be fans. For me, the answer is three ‘F’s. I place these three ‘F’s in the very first priorities in my life.


The first ‘F’ is family. In my sixteen-year-long life, my family has given me boundless love and support. They wipe my tears and warm my heart. Family is a shelter. Why? It’s because it protects you from tears, hardship and hurt. I treasure the love from my family. Mum and Dad treat me as the most important person in their heart. I place them in my first priority, too.


The second ‘F’ is friends. Friends care about me as well as my family does. We chat, we laugh and we do crazy things together. Friends add color to my teenage life. Not only do I treasure the laughter and happiness given by my friends, but I also treasure the tears shared among us. Friends are same-aged partners. They can always understand my difficulties and sadness, giving me a helping hand within a second. I cannot imagine how my life was without the support from my friends. That proves friends play an important role in my life.


The third ‘F’ is freedom. Why can I enjoy the happy hours with my friends and family? It is all because of the precious freedom. I am glad that I was born in Hong Kong, enjoying the freedom of speech, freedom of protest. I can voice my opinions. I can criticize unjust issues. I am protected by laws and I am able to enjoy welfare provided by the government. I am thankful to all of these. Because of freedom, I can realize my dream and live a better life with my family and friends. Freedom is a foundation of love. It is important to me, also to everyone in the world.


Yes, we are having a busy life today, facing DSE, facing mountains of homework and quizzes. But I will always keep these three ‘F’s in my heart. Life is short. Find the most important things in your life and treasure them , now.