Nuclear Energy


Dear Editor,

No so-called unrealistic about stopping nuclear power

I am writing to respond to Helen Chan Hoi-yin’s opinion (“Calls to scrap nuclear plants unrealistic”, 16 April).

The use of nuclear energy has stirred up so much controversy recently especially after the March 11 Japan disaster.As we all know, nuclear power is the cheapest kind of energy in the world.Thus it is understandable that why many countries are willing to rely on this radioactive fuel.

However, from my point of view, depending on nuclear energy is not the way-out for the longterm development of a nation.When there is a leak of radiation, the nation has to bear tons of losses like what Japan is facing currently.And I do not agree that the idea of the scrapping of nuclear power is unrealistic at all. The invisible injury brought by this non-renewable energy strikes fears into the hearts of people indeed. Although there is an energy crisis in front of us, we should not run the risk of exploiting this highly-reactive and dangerous resource, should we? Plus, the aftermath of leakage of radiation will linger for more than thousands of years. This incurable problem is far-reaching and does bring great damage to the globe. Therefore, the proposal of abandoning the use of nuclear power is not totally unrealistic, but wise and necessary.

What the consensus we all have is that we should lessen our energy consumption. Let’s put ourselves into our offspring’s shoes.  They are not born to endure the ill effects of our energy consumption. And that is why using nuclear power should be out of the question.


Yours faithfully,

Cathy Cheung