Teaching English through Short Stories


Dear Aunt Mimi,

How are you doing these days? Is everything going on well? I was regrettably informed of your reluctance for Elton’s joining the English Drama Team. I hope you can change your mind after reading this letter.

I’m a member myself in the English Drama Team, and from my first hand experience, I can say that it really exposes its member to the art and its culture both in broadness and in depth. Elton can not only learn to act, but also appreciate the literary gems produced by all-time great playwrights like Shakespeare and Dickens.

Joining the team can also let the students’ English studies flourish. As far as Elton is concerned, he’s very affected to English, and has very good results in the subject, too. He can definitely further his spoken and written English skills through practising the lines and writing the play script. So rather than hampering his studies, joining the Drama Team would help him sharpen his language skills.

Last but not least, acting can boost one’s confidence. I’m a perfect example in this case. I was before a timid little boy afraid of facing strangers as you can remember, let alone taking the stage. Now after joining the team, things are no longer the same. I’m sure it can have the same effect on Elton, who’s not that outgoing either.

Joining the English Drama Team is good to both his personal attainment and future prospects. Moreover, many teenagers in the city nowadays are engaged in various problems arising from an aimless life. Isn’t it just elating that Elton has got his own pursuit in life? Please, Aunt Mimi, he’s already 14. Give him a chance and let him go.

Best regards,