Exercise for your health


Heart diseases and overweight occur rather commonly in modern cities.  Even teenagers have developed heart diseases and chronic diseases.  Though more people are concerned about weight problems and try to avoid being overweight, most only indulge in dieting or taking pills, not doing exercises.  Exercises can greatly improve our health and is beneficial to our whole being.  There are many interesting exercises we can choose too.

Exercising regularly can benefit our health in different aspects.  It can make the heart stronger.  While exercising, the heart has to pump in and out oxygen more frequently and forcefully to supply oxygen for energy generation.  Thus, the heart will have a higher efficiency.  Over time, the cardiovascular exercises can greatly train up our heart and prevent us from developing heart diseases.

Furthermore, doing exercises is a healthy means of keeping us fit.  Nowadays, many people are concerned about their body figure and want to be slim.  To shed weight, the most efficient way is to increase your energy consumption.  Everyone needs to take in a certain amount of calories to maintain our daily activities.  If the intake is greater than the consumption, fat will accumulate and weight will be gained.  Aerobic exercises can burn excess fat away and keep our weight at a stable level.

Better still, doing exercises regularly can increase our muscular strength and endurance.  Regular exercises can keep our muscle cells in a healthier state and it is crucial to our school life.  As we all know, studying is hard work.  We should have both physical and psychological stamina as we handle the plentiful homework and exams.  Good physical training can benefit our studies.

It’s been proved that exercise can make one happier.  Doing exercise may stimulate the secretion of a certain hormone which can make us feel relaxed and happy.  Pressure from homework and tests often interferes with our emotions, especially for those of us who will take the public exam.  Therefore, doing exercises can be a healthy means to relieve our pressure and enhance our studies.

In the morning, you can choose to walk down the stairs instead of taking the lift.  After school, you can walk back home instead of taking a bus.  At home, you can enjoy watching TV while doing sit-ups, hoola-hoop or skipping.  The above is only one suggestion. There are many simple but effective exercises which can be fused with our daily lives.

Moreover, we can choose different exercises according to the seasons.  In summer, swimming should be the best choice to keep you away from the heat and sweat.  In winter and autumn, cycling and hiking are favourable.  We can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the natural environment, breathe in fresh air and talk with our best friends.

Last but not least, we can join the sports club in the school.  There are plenty of fun exercises and activities organized by both teachers and students.  Also you can join the school teams such as basketball team, badminton team and table-tennis team.  There are regular training sessions and skillful coaches to teach you how to exercise safely.

In conclusion, doing exercise is crucial to our health – stronger heart, healthier body figure, more muscle strength and endurance and happier mood are the results of regular exercising.  We can fuse exercise with our daily lives and choose suitable sports according to the seasons.  Sign up for a course with the school Sports Club today!