Should corporal punishment be banned?


‘Should corporal punishment by parents be banned’ is always an arguable topic since there are both supporters and people who are against corporal punishment.  Corporal punishment includes pinching, hitting or beating with a ruler or stick.  Recently, there were some extreme cases of corporal punishment.  A drunken father hit his son and commanded him to walk on the street naked since he was so naughty.  Besides, a single mother hurt her daughter with a knife because her daughter did not finish her homework.  Some people think that more and more parents abuse corporal punishment and cause deep physical and mental hurts.  In fact, I do not think that the banning of corporal punishment can prevent the abuse of corporal punishment, and corporal punishment should not be banned since it is an effective punishment and there are good ways to prevent the abuse of corporal punishment.  Moreover, banning corporal punishment may cause other teenage problems.

Corporal punishment is an effective way for parents to punish their children so it should not be banned.  Sometimes, telling children, especially those naughty ones, what is wrong and not to do the wrong things again is not enough.  Appropriate corporal punishment would remind and be a prompt for them not to repeat the same mistake.  There are some other punishments such as copying a passage and not letting them watch television or use the computer.  But can these punishments really stop children from being naughty again?  Those punishments can only make them bored but they cannot create any deterrent effect.  Corporal punishment is relatively more effective.

The aim of banning corporal punishment is to prevent the abuse of corporal punishment.  Since the appropriate use of corporal punishment is effective and useful for parents to stop their children from misbehaving, what are the reasons for us to ban corporal punishment?  We should try to prevent the abuse of corporal punishment through law instead of banning corporal punishment completely.  Appropriate physical punishment such as hitting children’s hands with a ruler can still be used by parents.  Banning corporal punishment may cause other teenage problems.  Without corporal punishment, some children might not listen to their parents and eventually more serious family problems may arise.

Corporal punishment is somehow effective and even essential for parents to teach their children.  Inflicting a little hurt when teaching children is necessary.  There is no reason to ban corporal punishment totally.  What we should do is to limit the use of corporal punishment.  Most parents love their children and they do not want to see their children get hurt.  Even when they use corporal punishment, they use it with restraint.  We should not just focus on the extreme cases and ignore the effectiveness of corporal punishment.