Perseverance (5D Chan Wing Man, Katie)


‘Live by values’ is our school’s major concern this year. Don’t you think that your value system will affect your life? A good value is important for all of us. Let’s ponder on this virtue in this article.

Perseverance is a quality meaning the persistence in doing something despite difficulties or delays in achieving success. A persevering person will put in efforts to realize his dreams continuously, not giving up.

Someone may ask why we need perseverance. In the first place, we need perseverance to reach our goals, as just mentioned. All goals require effort, no matter how small the goals are. For example, we hope we can get up early every morning, setting this as a goal. We then should try to avoid pressing the snooze button. Let’s use landing a dream job as another example. We will need certain qualifications and work experiences. Really getting to the destination, we may have to acquire further education, qualifications, training and also have the patience to wait. True, perseverance matters.

Achieving our goals is one thing we all will pursue, but another thing we can’t shun in the process is to overcome challenges. This yet makes us stronger. Failure is a part of life, or a routine of our growth, whether you like it or not. Ironically, it is the moments of struggle that help us grow. BUT, we MUST approach a failure with perseverance, and see it as a learning opportunity. Otherwise, we can’t press on. So, we keep trying even if things are risky and not plain sailing. This is perseverance, with which we grab the opportunity to grow better.

Let’s make it more concrete. As students, we will surely get benefits from being perseverant. We face lots of struggles in different stages of our school life. Not only do we need to handle the challenges from social life, but we also have to constantly learn new things, handling pressures from studies, future pathways, and the like. Perseverance helps us seek healthy ways to deal with uncertainties and failures.

First, our physical health will benefit. It’s no-brainer that all sports require perseverance. We need to persist in practising and training. We should not give up easily, to put it simply. Take volleyball team as an example. We will not improve our skills when we quit. When we persevere with our teammates, we can learn better skills and enhance the team spirit, and of course, we will keep a healthy lifestyle as well, as a result.

Apart from physical health, perseverance is linked closely with better mental well-being. According to research, people displaying a higher level of perseverance are at a lower risk of nervousness, anxiety and depression. It’s not difficult to illustrate. One needs to keep seeking help and advice when needed, and never quit when it comes to practising the tips received or taking medication. Never overlook the power of our will power. We persevere, and we will be blessed.

As perseverance is one virtue in our school’s major concern this year, let’s embrace and live it out. Yes, Carmelians, when we live by values, ALL is WELL.