Letter to the Principal – a proposal (5A Leung Hoi Ching)


Dear Ms Ng,

Recently, I was inspired by the article Bread keeps a community fed and would like to propose an activity to be conducted with Duck the Food Saver. 

Duck the Food Saver is a voluntary group formed a year ago. They gather five volunteers three times a week to collect surplus bread from bakeries in Yuen Long and distribute it to those in need. Even though it is just a bag of bread, it means a lot to the recipients. Not only does it reduce the food expenditure of low-income people, but every piece of bread also represents people’s love and care, bringing love and smiles to the community. This programme also ignites the neighbourhood and connects the Yuen Long kaifong, who not only take but also give out different materials. Most importantly, this programme benefits the environment. It addresses the long-standing food waste problem in Hong Kong. In the past, when no one collected surplus bread, the bakeries could only dump it, generating more food waste. Yet, with Duck the Food Saver, the surplus bread is delivered to the needy, avoiding food waste. Therefore, this programme is meaningful in a way that it helps the needy, the community and the environment.

As our school is situated in Yuen Long, we would like to propose an activity of free rice box distribution to be conducted with Duck the Food Saver and Food Angel on Christmas Eve this year. Hopefully 100 meal boxes would be distributed in this programme. Our student participants could be divided into three groups (around 20 people in one group). Members of Group One could be responsible for collecting the surplus meat, vegetables etc in different wet markets. At the same time, Group Two would be responsible for helping with the cooking in the central kitchen of Food Angel. And Group Three would help with the meal box distribution, working with the volunteers from Duck the Food Saver. Similar to the aim of giving bread, we hope this programme can help low-income people have a warm meal box on Christmas Eve, sharing the love and joy of Christmas just like everybody else. Collecting the surplus ingredients can also help reduce food waste. 

I believe it will be a great chance for our students to get involved in volunteer work and learn to have a sympathetic heart to care about the needs of society. Although there may still be room for improvement in my proposal, I sincerely hope you will consider my proposal. I look forward to receiving comments from you.

Yours sincerely,


Michelle Leung


Social Service Club