A Terrifying Night (1B Vanessa Tam)


      It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking on the door. I was at my friend’s home having a sleepover, and we were playing electronic games at high volume at that time. I decided to put down my console and open the door, thinking it was her parents coming back from work. To my surprise, there was nobody outside. I stood in front of the door in awe and told my friend what I heard. “Maybe you were hallucinating due to your lack of sleep, or I didn’t hear the knocking due to the volume being too loud,” she explained, also lowering the game volume. “Come on, let’s continue.”

      A few minutes later, we started to get sleepy, and we’re almost falling asleep. Suddenly, I heard the knocking again. “Open it,” my friend said. And so I opened the door this time, only to realize there’s still nobody outside. When I was about to close the door, I saw a letter lying on the floor. I took it to my friend, and read it with her. It said, “I am inside your home.” We both felt a pang of horror, as nobody was supposed to be in my friend’s home except us two! We searched around the flat in horror. However, we didn’t see anyone else. “Maybe it’s just a prank,” I assured her. “It’s Halloween, after all.” We continued playing, hoping not to hear any more knocks.

      At 3 a.m., we heard the knocks again, and they were much more aggressive than last time. I would consider those “knocks” as banging on the door! We walked over to the door with trembling legs, praying that it’s just an unharmful prank. Therefore, we opened the door, just to see…

      Somehow, once we opened the door, all we could see was pitch black, and all we heard was the sound of the wind whistling. We looked back , and saw the lights flickering. We looked back up. There were two tall figures dressed in black, with very pale skin, white masks and huge black cloaks. They were like vampires. We were completely horrified and couldn’t move at all. I told my legs to move, but they couldn’t. All they did was tremble. This time the lights went all off. To my terror, the tall men started to walk over to us. We could only back off slowly, and my friend nearly fell down. My legs went soft. I felt that the presence alone could kill me.

     “Don’t be frightened, we mean no harm. We only want some of your… blood!!” I was too afraid to speak. I really regretted opening the door to these strangers. “This might be the end of us, Vanessa. I hope we’ll meet again in another world.” I was honestly impressed by how she managed to say something. I closed my eyes to wait for my fate.

      A ball of light suddenly appeared before my eyes. At first I thought it was an illusion. But it wasn’t. As the ball started to dim itself, a fairy revealed herself. She used her wand to slowly burn the vampires into ashes. The vampires screamed in agony, crying for it to stop. We thanked the faith for rescuing us. “Girls, don’t ever open the door to strangers ever again. I have to go now, goodbye!”

      Perhaps this wasn’t too bad of a bad night. I shrugged and finally went to sleep with my friend.