My most cherished childhood memories (4A Lee Pui Nga)


Have you ever gone hiking with your family? When I was small, my parents took me and my sister Mary to the Lion Rock Hill every week. It had been an enjoyable experience for us. This photo was taken in the country park on a hot summer day.

Walking in the park, we got the chance to rest under the shadow of the trees. It was such a relief! I loved the kisses of the wind as it blew the trees. I chatted with Mary about my school life. Mary held my hand tightly to keep me from tumbling. She listened to me with all her attention, wearing a gentle smile.

The childhood is the brightest days in one’s life. I always want to go back to that summer and become that child who need not worry about anything, living a carefree life. With the charming views and my supportive family, I felt I owned the whole world and desired nothing more. Though those days were gone, Mary and I are still close to each other’s heart, just like the way we were in the photo.


A cat fell asleep in her sweet dreams, laying on the bed with relaxed palms – that’s such a tranquil scene, isn’t it?  The cat was Coco, a cat adopted by my parents.  Nothing gave me greater warmth or motivation than spending time with Coco.

When Coco napped, I walked towards her without making any noise.  I didn’t dare to wake her from her dreams so I simply sat beside her and studied her every inch.  I could tell she was pleased from her smile.  Usually an afternoon passed as I finished writing my assignment or reading a book with Coc’s company.  Whenever I felt exhausted, I’d hold Coco in my arms to regain my strength.

Coco was in fact full of life when she spotted objects of her interest.  And when I played games with her or gave her her favourite treats, she’d jump high and low.  It was fun!

Coco is no longer with us now.  Despite that, there is always a place for her in my heart.  I’ll never forget the moments spent with her.  Thank you for coming into my life, Coco.