The Magic Face Mask


One year ago, there was a pandemic of Red Death in the town where I lived.  Therefore, we had to wear face masks when we went out.  I periodically went to the convenient store near my home to buy face masks.  One day, as usual, I went to the convenient store.  There were different kinds of face masks.  Suddenly, a special mask caught my eyes.  There was a time machine on the mask.  I didn’t see such a special mask before so I bought it immediately.  It was $100.  It was more expensive than the ones that I usually bought.

When I got home, I put the mask on my bed.  I started to do homework.  After 45 mins, I felt tired so I stopped and took a rest.  I lay on the bed and saw the face mask I just bought.  I tore the plastic bag and took it out.  I went to the mirror and put on the mask because I wanted to see how I looked with such a mask.  Suddenly, there was a flash and I fainted.  I did not know how long I fainted.  When I opened my eyes, I discovered that I was in strange place.  There were some people who were wearing weird clothes.  The buildings looked like the ones I saw in the Chinese History book.  Some soldiers were burning books.  Some soldiers were pushing some people into a huge hole.  I thought, ‘Oh no!  They want to bury the people.’  Without hesitation, I rushed to the soldiers and shouted at them, ‘Stop, what are you doing?  Do you want to bury the people?  Why?  Why are you so cruel?’ 

One of the soldiers answered, ‘Who are you?  Emperor Qin Shihuang ordered us to kill them.  Do you want to get killed?’ 

‘What? Emperor Qin Shihuang?  What year is it now?  Where am I?  Why am I here?’  I screamed. 

The soldiers said, ‘It’s Qin Dynasty.  Are you sick?’  Finally, I realised that I was in the Qin Dynasty.  I felt scared and shocked.  How come I was in a dynasty long time ago? 

On the other hand, I knew what the soldiers were doing because I had learnt the bad things Emperor Qin Shihuang did in the Chinese History lesson.  I was so angry that I yelled and scolded at the soldiers.  They were as mad as hornets so they caught me and took me to see Emperor Qin Shihuang.  I couldn’t believe that I could see this bad emperor.  He was fat and short.  He was enjoying a cup of tea relaxedly.  I shouted madly at him.  I said, ‘Do you know you are such a terrible emperor? People didn’t do anything wrong.  Why do you kill them?  The books are useful.  You should preserve them for posterity.  You are so selfish and inhuman!  The emperor’s face turned red.  I knew he was angry with me.  There was a minute of silence.  Finally, the emperor said calmly, ‘You’re a child. If you say sorry to me, I’ll forgive you.’  

I replied firmly, ‘No, never!’  He looked at the soldiers and the soldiers immediately came to catch me.  I turned to the direction of the door.  I ran as quickly as lightning.  I was good at running so the soldiers couldn’t catch me.  Unfortunately, I tripped over a stone and fell down.  The soldier caught me and slapped my face hard.  He lifted his sword too.   At that moment, I thought I was going to be killed.  When he slapped my face, my face mask fell off my face.  Suddenly, there was a flash and I fainted.  When I opened my eyes again, I found that I was in my bedroom.  I felt relieved because I was safe.  At the same time, I also felt perplexed because I had travelled the past. 

When I calmed down, I gradually understood what happened.  It was the face mask with the time machine!  When I wore the face mask, it brought me back to the Qin Dynasty.  When I did not have the face mask on my face, I came back to this century. It was such an unforgettable and unbelievable experience.  I did not plan to tell anyone because no one would believe it.  This experience would be kept in my mind forever.