A Secret Night


It was a stormy night. The wind was howling loudly and the rain was pouring. Someone was knocking the door in my bedroom. I went to open the door and saw my parents.

My parents said, “Do you want to eat some midnight snack with us?”

I thought for a while and objected, “No, thanks. I suppose you want me to cook some midnight snack for you. I am tired, I want to sleep.” After saying that, I closed the door and sat on my bed. I was upset that I couldn’t go to trick or treat today because of the rain. Then, I heard a second knock. I thought it was my parents again.

But instead, I saw my sister after yelling that I didn’t want to cook and eat midnight snack with my parents. I saw my elder sister standing there.

I said frightenedly, “I…I thought you were mom and dad. Why are you here?”

She laughed,” Haha, I just want to ask if you want to play video games with me.” I turned her down and banged the door without saying another word.

Then, I heard a third knock. I was infuriated.

I opened the door and cried, “Go away and leave me alone! I had enough of you three knocking on my door! I don’t want to hang out with you three!”

I heard a deep, scary voice said, ” I have no more patience, all I want is to swap souls! I pretended to be your family but it didn’t work! I want to be alive but not be a ghost! I want to swap our souls immediately!”

I screamed, ” Help! Help! Mom! Dad! Sister! There’s a ghost in my room!” I shouted as I was running to my parent’s room as fast as a leopard. When I ran, I saw my parents and my sister lying down on the floor in the corridor at my house. I tried to wake them up, but it didn’t work. They were like ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in the movie. It was hopeless.

The ghost sneered, ” They can’t help! No one will save you! I made them fall into a deep, deep sleep. Your body will me mine! Ha Ha Ha!” I sat on the floor and sobbed.

Then, I thought of the Bible verses that said no matter what, God would save us from darkness. Even though I didn’t believe in God, I tried to pray to Him because I don’t have another way out.

I prayed loudly to God, “Please save me, God! I don’t want to swap souls with that ghost! I like my family! Please forgive me for not trusting in you! I want the ghost to disappear!”

The ghost sighed, “Poor kid, it is no use crying now!”

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared above the ghost and the ghost was broken into parts. After a while, it disappeared. The wind and rain stopped, everything went back to normal.

My mom, dad and sister woke up and asked me, “Why were we sleeping on the floor?”

I replied, “You three fainted after saying you were tired. I thought that you may need to sleep more so I didn’t wake you up.”

They asked, “Do you want to go to trick and treat with us?”

I said, “No, thanks. You go by yourselves, I don’t want to go.” I thought that the experience of meeting the ghost and God should be a secret of mine. At last, I trusted in God and thanked Him. I went to church every weekend after that night. I learnt to be brave and have faith in God, who saved me from darkness and devils.