Movie Review – Secondhand Lions


  Secondhand Lions is about a boy called Walter and his uncles, Garth and Hub. The movie is set in the 1960s, in a country side. The director of this film is Tim McCanlies, he is a director and a screenwriter. He is best known as directing Secondhand Lions and writing the screenplay for The Iron Giant. And the main character, Walter, was played by Haley Joel Osment. He is best known as playing the role of Forrest Gump, Jr. He has appeared in many tv shows or movies since he was four.

   The movie is about Walter is going to live with his uncles for the summer holidays, because his mum is going to meet with her new boyfriend. Although Garth and Hub are Walter’s uncles, they are not close and they did not talk much at first. One day, Walter found that Hub will sleepwalk, then Garth told him their adventurous story in Africa in the past. But Walter found that there are different versions of the past of his uncles, someone said they are robbers and they stole much money, his mum said they have mental illness and they have much money because of that. Walter was confused about that. 

  I think the theme of the movie is quite meaningful and educational. As Walter needs to choose which version of his uncles’ past is correct, he needs to have trust on anyone of them. I think in reality, we also need to have trust. Although someone may tell lies, there are still some who are telling the truth. We need to choose whether we are going to trust or not. There is also a theme about growing old, Garth and Hub are already old men but they do not admit it. They still have power, they still want to try new things. In the movie, they buy an aeroplane and try to drive it. This tells us, everyone will be old one day, but we can still act like a young man if we do not give up ourselves and keep trying new things.

  However, I think the plot is a little bit dull and boring. The movie does not have many exciting scenes and is not attractive. I think it is boring because the movie is over-long and it did not have some unimaginative plots. Moreover, the film is named Secondhand Lions, but I think the lion in the movie seems like it is not essential. In the movie, the main scene of the lion is to save Walter. I think it should have more scenes and be more important. Overall, it is an average drama film.

  Although this movie is not very attractive or exciting, it is still recommendable when you are free and want to watch some movies. Since this movie can teach us something about the attitude of growing old and trust. You may learn or understand something after watching this movie.