My life during class suspension


Once the world was hit by the coronavirus, it brought a load of changes, challenges, and opportunities to people of all ages. Some elderly were affected in terms of their daily exercise. Some adults worked from home and were granted more time to try new things. Some students have difficulty keeping up with the pace of online learning, while some are glad to be blessed with more time to spend with their family members. Although school will be resuming soon, we should not forget the things we experienced and the lessons we learned from this period of school suspension.

To start off, the shock I received from the long period of class suspension. After the Chinese New Year Holiday, we were told that there would be class suspension for about a week. However, what happened after the first week of class suspension is what really shocked me. The length of the class suspension started to grow until we were at one point told that we did not have a set date for class resumption. I was shocked at the news as I was unsure if I would be able to adapt to the new system of online learning. However, in this period of time, I was given opportunities to try fun things. For example, I started doing exercise at home. Without the quarantine, I would have never imagined going on Youtube to find different exercises, lay out my mat, and actually follow along. This period of quarantine gave me that opportunity and added some extra spice to this class suspension period.

Next, it comes down to my challenges of online learning. Many students have said that they would want to try online learning as it would be easier. However, as a person that switched to online learning for a period of time, I can tell that it is not easier. During the start of class suspension, I was not able to follow the pace of online learning and was found lagging behind. However, after feeling tired of always falling behind, it gave me the motivation to put together a schedule and stick to it. Now, I can keep up with most of the lessons and maintain a healthy schedule.

Following my challenges of online learning, is an incident that I feel thankful for. In this period of class suspension, I was given the chance to spend some more quality time with my family. Every Sunday morning, we would have a family breakfast and chat. Usually, we would just directly go to church and not have a chance to sit down and talk in the morning. However, with the class suspension, other than the chance for a family breakfast, we also had a family bible study time. This period of class suspension really helped me and my family become closer and brought me closer to the Lord.

This period of class suspension brought changes to our lives, some pleasing and some challenging. I am very thankful for the changes, challenges, and opportunities that this period of class suspension has given me. I believe that as long as we always try our best and not give up, we can face any difficulties we bump into.