Walking in the Rain


I look out the windows.  It’s raining cats and dogs outside.  The droplets slap on the ground are like millions of peas being poured on the floor.  That tinkling is so sharp but melodious.  The peas are forming a haze and I can hardly capture the sight of my neighbor.

I grab my umbrella and rush into the rain.  The air outside is cool and refreshing.  It seems to be full of the smell of mint.  My shoes and trousers have been splattered with rainwater.  I am freezing wearing drenched clothes, just like I am being drowned in the water.  I have become part of the rain.

The rain cools my face, neck and body.  It is just like millions of pieces of ice running down my spine.  I feel I am being soaked in a tub of water.  Even though it is a bit chilly, I feel the calmness that I have never felt before.

I carefully open my eyes and look up to the sky.  The sky is murky and gray.  It seems the sky does not like its new outfit and it bursts into tears.  There is no cloud or a big golden sun, maybe they have escaped from the teardrops.

I can hardly look far as there is mist.  I feel like being trapped in a fairyland.

Suddenly, there is the rumble of the thunder.  It is just like a sky full of all varieties of fireworks.  First there is a powerful explosion which is followed by the sharp crackling.  It seems like there are fireworks exploding next to me suddenly.  I am frightened stiff and trembling with fear.

But soon I recover and realize I have to keep walking.  In fact, don’t want to move on at all.  I feel like someone being reluctant to leave the bathtub while my mom is knocking on the door of the bathroom and shouting at me.  The rainwater is no longer chilly.  It is comfortable and relaxing to be with the rain.

Later on, I cannot distinguish whether it is afternoon or evening.  I walk back home.  Once I get off the rain, coldness is triggered from my core.  The air indoors is not as refreshing as that in the rain. 

What a wonderful experience to walk in the rain.  I can never forget that amazing feeling.