A new version of ‘Goldilocks and the bears’


Everybody knows the famous story of Goldilocks and the bears. The story tells us that we should not use someone’s possession without their permission. But it did not end there. Goldilocks did not learn the lesson.

One day, when Goldilocks was walking in the forest for picking mushrooms to add into the soup for her family, she saw the bears’ house again. She opened a little crack on the door, and saw six bears inside. She muttered, ‘What? Even bears have relatives?’ She smelt that they were making mushroom soup, which was just what she wanted.

She was smart this time. After the bears had left, she rushed into the house and poured the soup into a Thermos bottle. ( Since she was once caught when staying in the house and she wanted to do it quickly this time.)

Then, Goldilocks saw six armchairs. She could not resist the comfortable-looking armchairs and wanted to sit on them. The first one was too soft, not comfortable. The second one was too hard, not comfortable either. When she sat on the third one, it made a whirling sound. It was a rocket armchair! She went up high in the sky and saw the bears on the roof. She turned on her jetpack which was hidden in her backpack. She shouted, ‘Bears! You thought I wasn’t prepared for that? Hahaha! Too stupid! Bye for now!’ Then she flew back to her hut. Her family then enjoyed the mushroom soup. This new story teaches us that no matter what you are doing, be prepared for traps that people set up. (Even if you are doing bad things!)