Virtual Sports VS Real Sports (a forum entry)


     Nowadays, technology is getting more advanced. Although real sports is still the mainstream, virtual sports has already turned into a favourable alternative to many. Are you a fan too? I think virtual sports is better and let me tell you about the attractiveness and benefits.

    First of all, virtual sports is better because we can enjoy virtual sports at anytime and in any season. Who says doing sports must be done on a sunny day? Trust me, virtual sports is not affected by bad weather like a rainy or foggy day. As we usually do virtual sports indoors, we don’t have to care about the bad weather condition outside. Doing sports in a typhoon day or in the rainstorm is never a dream. How cool! You can even do virtual sports at mid-night if you want. Time and weather will no longer limit your passion for doing sports.

    Apart from having no time limit, virtual sports is far more convenient than the traditional one. As Hong Kong people are so busy and always live for high efficiency, it is less time-consuming for them to engage in virtual sports as they do not have to book a court for playing basketball, travel a long distance to a suitable football court to play football or spend over one hour to have a tennis match. Then how? Just simply click a button and we can enjoy doing sports. No matter how much time people are more willing to spend, maybe, 20 to 30 minutes on virtual sports after busy working in the office every day, they can still ensure a healthy life. New technology is to embrace!

    While it may be true that virtual sports could cost a little bit higher than the traditional one, the sum of money spent is worth paying. In fact, it is not a must for people to buy the latest version of the equipment for doing virtual sports. Purchasing the virtual sports equipment is valued for money in the long term as we can enjoy MANY DIFFERENT games in ONE device. What you need to do is just buy the games you are interested in. Sometimes we do sports because we just simply want to have relaxation. Doing virtual sports can save the money for buying professional equipment. What’s more, it can also be fun time for family members and friends to enjoy together.

    To keep abreast of the fast ‘moving’ technology, virtual sports is not something to be overlooked. With the benefits mentioned above, I think virtual sports is better. Doing virtual sports? I’m loving it!