A young teacher’s diary entry


Dear Diary,

Today was my first day at Radom Secondary School as a teacher. I had extremely high hopes as I entered the campus, but sadly, all those hopes were shattered.

In my first lesson, the students were responding actively to my questions and I was quite pleased. However, as I walked around the classroom, I found that a student was sleeping. He was even snoring! As I approached his desk, I saw that the students next to him were chucking under their breath and were trying very hard to disguise their laughs as coughing. Although I wanted to punish the students, I had bigger problems to attend to at that moment. As I walked to the front at the desk of the sleeping student, he rolled to his side and drooled. For goodness’ sake! I decided to leave him there for the time being and wake him up after class.

During the discussion time, I walked around the classroom and discovered a prank in action. A naughty boy was tugging on his poor classmate’s ponytail and laughing. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, “I’m just helping her hair to grow!“ He actually said this when his classmate was crying in agony. The nerve of him! I was furious and sent him to detention.

By the time, I felt as if the students were mocking my decision to become a teacher. I believe that I was not, by all means, mistaken. A female student was eating fast food behind her textbook during reading time. I felt as if my veins were popping out one by one. I sighed and slammed my hand on her table. The student was startled and immediately covered her food while apologizing profusely. Nonetheless, I still hollered at her and sent her to detention class.

Near the end of the lesson, I found that a whole bunch of students were laughing at the back. Already accustomed to the misbehaviour, I walked over and prepared to yell. However, what I saw next shocked me and rendered me speechless. The students were playing with a live spider and chopping off its legs! I was beyond speechless. They were torturing a living, breathing spider that could still feel pain, not to mention that it was during my lesson. My blood boiled, and my face heated up at that exact moment. I screamed at them to stop and ordered them to see me after the lesson. Needless to say, I lectured them for at least half an hour.

What is wrong with these students? Are they simply mischievous, or are they little devils? Why can’t they just pay attention? I suppose that my teaching’s a bit too bland. Maybe I’ll try to spice it up a bit. Hopefully that will cause them to pay more attention.