I could never believe I had been so foolish – a story


I could never believe I had been so foolish – a story

It had been several days since the Nazis had kept me confined in this rotten cell. They starved and tortured me to squeeze whatever information I had, as they thought the fear and hunger would make me talk, but they were wrong. I would never betray my friends no matter what the cost was.

More days passed, and my hope of escaping was slowly wavering. I was about to give in to the pain and suffering, but when an idiotic guard forgot to tie me up properly after one of their torture sessions, I took the chance and strangled him to death. ‘Snap’ could  be heard as the neck of the guard was twisted and how still the body became in a sudden. I then escaped from my confinement and started to find my way back to the base. Strangely enough, there weren’t a lot of guards guarding the facility by the time I escaped, but well, a chance was a chance. I wasn’t going to waste my chance and stay in the prison any longer.

I found myself in the countryside once again, and recognised the path to home. I was so relieved that I nearly cried out in joy, but I managed to control myself. I reminded myself that there was still a long way to home, and continued my journey.

Days after days, I finally reached the base up in the mountain. I crumbled to my knees and felt the streams of tears on my face. “I’m finally back,” and that’s all I could think of. I could see my friends rushing towards me, embracing me with words of comfort, but something felt wrong. Something wasn’t right, as I could feel those pairs of eyes staring at us from far behind. Those icy cold eyes seemed to have pierced through my soul as I heard the familiar buzzing sound from walky-talkies and someone speaking in German. My friends were immediately alert and tried to locate the scouts, but they were too late. The rotating blades of a helicopter could be seen from miles away, and I knew it was too late for everyone to evacuate and escape. The Nazis would be here within minutes, and a base filled with hundreds of Jews would take at least hours to escape, hours that we didn’t have. My knees shook violently and I fell to the ground in defeat and hopelessness, as I knew that I doomed the ones that I loved and cared about. I could not believe I had been so foolish, and now everyone I knew had to pay the price…